🔵🔺◼️ Wednesday Math 🔢

Katherine is planning a birthday party for her sister.  She has 4 bags of yellow balloons with ten balloons each.  She has 5 bags of blue balloons with twelve balloons each.  How many balloons does Katherine have in total?

Katherine hung half of the balloon in the living room, one fourth of the balloons in the dining room and she hung the last fourth outside to decorate for the family party.  How many balloons did she hang in each place?

One of the activities Katherine planned for the party, was having everyone make their own puzzles.  She cut each puzzle so there would be 12 rows and 15 columns.  How many pieces were in each of the puzzles Katherine made?

She made a puzzle for each of her siblings, herself, her parents and her nana.  That means she made seven puzzles in total.  How many pieces were there altogether?

Justin was having a bicycle race around his neighborhood.  One lap was 126 feet long.  The race was over after 5 laps.  How far (how many feet) does each racer have to go to complete the race?

Landon and his friends ate pizza for lunch.  There were 5 pizzas with 12 slices each.  If Landon and his 8 friends had 4 slices each, how many slices of pizza were left over?