ūüć©ūüć¨Wednesday Mathūüćęūüć≠

Here are some sweet problems to solve.

Van bought 4 candy bars.  They each cost $1.23.  How much money did Van spend altogether?

Anna’s mom sent her to the candy store with 29 party bags. ¬†She asked Anna to fill each party bag with 15 pieces of candy. ¬†How many pieces of candy will Anna buy at the candy store?

Mrs. Douglas keeps 37 jars behind the counter at the candy store.  Each jar contains 286 pieces of candy.  How many pieces of candy does Mrs. Douglas have behind the counter altogether?

Landin, Estella and May went to the candy story.  They each bought 2 boxes of Swedish fish.  Each box had 34 candy fish inside.  How many Swedish fish did the girls have altogether?

Brady, Edward, Holden, Vera and Sophie were treated to a milk shake one hot day in July.  Each milk shake cost $2.98.  How much did the milk shakes cost in all?

Maybe you could write your own sweet problem for us to solve.  Leave it in a comment below