🔵🔺◼️ Wednesday Math 🔢

Katherine is planning a birthday party for her sister.  She has 4 bags of yellow balloons with ten balloons each.  She has 5 bags of blue balloons with twelve balloons each.  How many balloons does Katherine have in total?

Katherine hung half of the balloon in the living room, one fourth of the balloons in the dining room and she hung the last fourth outside to decorate for the family party.  How many balloons did she hang in each place?

One of the activities Katherine planned for the party, was having everyone make their own puzzles.  She cut each puzzle so there would be 12 rows and 15 columns.  How many pieces were in each of the puzzles Katherine made?

She made a puzzle for each of her siblings, herself, her parents and her nana.  That means she made seven puzzles in total.  How many pieces were there altogether?

Justin was having a bicycle race around his neighborhood.  One lap was 126 feet long.  The race was over after 5 laps.  How far (how many feet) does each racer have to go to complete the race?

Landon and his friends ate pizza for lunch.  There were 5 pizzas with 12 slices each.  If Landon and his 8 friends had 4 slices each, how many slices of pizza were left over?

📚☀️Summer Book Club Titles☀️📚

Last week we completed the early summer books clubs.  A few classmates asked if we could keep reading together ~ and of course, what better way to keep connected and reading.  Here are the new book club choices.  If you’d like to join one, leave your first two or three title choices in a comment below by the end of the day on Thursday.  If there is interest, I’ll bring the books by so we’ll be ready to begin our chats on July 14.  Yay for reading!🎉📖

📘The Sasquatch Escape is a fantasy adventure.  It is the first in a series of 6 and has 201 pages.









📗Hachiko Waits is a based on a true story.  It is 90 pages long ~ be ready to cry.  I do every time!












📙The Midnight Fox is realistic fiction.  It is 134 pages long.  It’s a great choice if you love nature and animals.









📕The Grand Canyon Grab is an A to Z Mystery so it’s another chance to spend some time with Ruth Rose, Dink and Josh while they’re on spring vacation.  It is 136 pages.

📚New Book Club Choices ~ Want To Join? 😃

Two of our mystery book clubs finished this week. Some of you wanted to keep up our book club conversations.  If this is something you’d like to do, here are the new book choices.

We’ll likely finish the books by the end of June. If you start and realize you have other important plans that’s okay.

Here are the new book club choices.   Please put your first  and second choices in a comment by the end of Friday.  If the groups seem to work out, I’ll deliver the books to  you.  Let’s see how this goes.

Preview the choices.  You can see the front and back cover of each book and two pages from a random place in the book. Read them and see if it feels like a good fit.  I’ve got between 4 to 6 copies of each book,  so you all should be able to get a top choice.  Thanks,!  It’ll be fun to get these new book clubs started!  📚😃

My Side of the Mountain ~ 177 pages. A survival story set in the 1940’s










Dexter the Tough ~ 141 9ages Realistic Fiction.












The Mystery of the Stolen Statue ~ 67 pages A Mystery












Hachiko Waits ~ 90 page Set in Japan and based on a true story











Grand Canyon Grab ~ 136 pages A mystery featuring Ruth Rose, Josh and Dink












Riding Freedom ~ 134 pages Set in the 1800’s and based on the real-life story of Charlotte Parkhurst, also known as One-Eye Charlie.











Happy Reading! 📚


A Summary of Last Week

I stopped creating summary posts ~ and then I realized that  you weren’t seeing the great things your classmates were doing.  Here is a small  sample of what you did this week.  You are creating and sharing amazing things.  Here is a small sampling of how you have tried to learn, share and stay connected.  If I missed something you are really proud of (some videos are too long 😢), please tell me and I’ll make sure it is shared if I can.💕🙌🏼👊🏻💗

Brady’s Popper

Van’s Attributes-of-Parallelograms

Landin’s Ramp

Landon’s math and science

Mystery Book Clubs

Mystery Book Club Expectations

Book club members:  1.) read only the agreed upon chapter(s).

2.) have taken notes

3.) and are ready to make a prediction or inference about what might happen next

Since this is a mystery, let’s see if we can keep track of all the elements of a mystery like we have been during shared reading with the detective case report.  Let’s see if we can collect clues as we read.

Here are examples of note-taking strategies to keep track of your thinking.  Choose the one that works best for you or create your own unique combination.

My examples are for:

I learned from the cover so I’d be ready to look for clues right away.

Here’s an example of the Line-a-Page Strategy








An example of the Essence Strategy








An example of the Sketch-to-Stretch Strategy








Keep track of the clues you collect as you read on a Detective Case Report   Please read chapter 1 and be ready for a club meeting on Tuesday, April 21.

The Clubs are:

Justin, Sophie and Holden







Max, Katherine, Landon, Vera and Anna







Elena, Piper, Edward, Brady, May, Estella and Van


Mystery Book Clubs

Here are the book choices for our new book clubs.  Preview the choices.  You can see the front and back cover of each book and two pages from a random place in the book. Read them and see if it feels like a good fit.  We’ve got between 4 and 6 copies of each book so you each should be able to get one of your top choices.  List your top three choices in a comment below today or tomorrow, and we’ll figure out how to get these mysteries started!  📚😃🔍

A to Z Mysteries ~Detective Camp 130 pages

Ballpark Mysteries ~ Fenway Foul-Up 95 pages

Brixton Brothers ~ The Case of the Case of Mistaken Identity 179 pages

The Buddy Files ~ The Case of the School Ghost 129 pages

Mariella Mystery Investigates ~ The Spaghetti Yeti 176 pages

Third Grade Detectives~ The Mystery of the Stolen Statue 70 pages

Shredderman ~ Secret Identity 138 pages

Winterhouse Challenge

Challenge Summary:

  1. Choose a main character to make an image of (see details below.)
  2. List 3 inner personality traits (explained on “Our Day -Monday, March 23)  your character has and explain how the character demonstrated each trait in the story.
  3. Take a photograph of your image, post it with the traits on your blog
  4. This is due on or before April 8.

When we began reading Winterhouse on January 21 and in about forty days we finished our most exciting read-aloud to date.  In the first week we began sorting characters.  We were wondering who the main characters were and who the secondary characters were and who were the extras.  Here’s our list from that first week.  I would add a character and I would move a few around.  How about you?  Gracella hadn’t appeared in the story when we made our list and we listed Freddy as a secondary character then.  I think the main characters are: Elizabeth, Norbridge, Freddy, Leona and Gracella.


Your challenge, should you accept it, (and I hope you will!!!❤️❤️❤️ – 🥺🥺🥺 Did you notice I am pleading?😀) is to choose a main character from Winterhouse, create an image of that character and list 3 inner personality traits your character has.  Support those claims with evidence.  You do that by explaining how your favorite character showed those traits through their thoughts, words and actions in the book.

You can create your character image in any 3-D or 2-D way you’re inspired to use – play-doh, water colors, model magic, sewing, markers, foil, pipe cleaners, crayons, a puppet, collage, any combination…

Once you’ve created your character, take a photograph, add it to a blog post (or send it to me in an email and I will) with your favorite character’s name.

Along with that, please list 3 inner personality traits your character had and how they showed each trait through their thoughts, words and/or actions in the story.

This should be completed on or before Wednesday, April 8th.

Happy Creating!

💕Mrs. Eaves


Thank you

Thank you to everyone who helped us meet in our practice Zoom session.  It was so great to see so many of you.  Thank you Justin, Elena, Sophie, Piper, Katherine, Landon, Vera, Edward, Brady, May, Estella, Javey, And Van.  Thanks for sharing your pets and your accomplishments.  Thank you for sharing what your are grateful for.  I am so grateful to all of you. Thank for taking the time.  Be in the lookout for our next Zoom session on Monday from 10:00 to 10:30.  Have a great weekend!