Winterhouse Challenge

Challenge Summary:

  1. Choose a main character to make an image of (see details below.)
  2. List 3 inner personality traits (explained on “Our Day -Monday, March 23)  your character has and explain how the character demonstrated each trait in the story.
  3. Take a photograph of your image, post it with the traits on your blog
  4. This is due on or before April 8.

When we began reading Winterhouse on January 21 and in about forty days we finished our most exciting read-aloud to date.  In the first week we began sorting characters.  We were wondering who the main characters were and who the secondary characters were and who were the extras.  Here’s our list from that first week.  I would add a character and I would move a few around.  How about you?  Gracella hadn’t appeared in the story when we made our list and we listed Freddy as a secondary character then.  I think the main characters are: Elizabeth, Norbridge, Freddy, Leona and Gracella.


Your challenge, should you accept it, (and I hope you will!!!❤️❤️❤️ – 🥺🥺🥺 Did you notice I am pleading?😀) is to choose a main character from Winterhouse, create an image of that character and list 3 inner personality traits your character has.  Support those claims with evidence.  You do that by explaining how your favorite character showed those traits through their thoughts, words and actions in the book.

You can create your character image in any 3-D or 2-D way you’re inspired to use – play-doh, water colors, model magic, sewing, markers, foil, pipe cleaners, crayons, a puppet, collage, any combination…

Once you’ve created your character, take a photograph, add it to a blog post (or send it to me in an email and I will) with your favorite character’s name.

Along with that, please list 3 inner personality traits your character had and how they showed each trait through their thoughts, words and/or actions in the story.

This should be completed on or before Wednesday, April 8th.

Happy Creating!

💕Mrs. Eaves


Thank you

Thank you to everyone who helped us meet in our practice Zoom session.  It was so great to see so many of you.  Thank you Justin, Elena, Sophie, Piper, Katherine, Landon, Vera, Edward, Brady, May, Estella, Javey, And Van.  Thanks for sharing your pets and your accomplishments.  Thank you for sharing what your are grateful for.  I am so grateful to all of you. Thank for taking the time.  Be in the lookout for our next Zoom session on Monday from 10:00 to 10:30.  Have a great weekend!

Chapter 36 – Part 2


Well, now what do you think?  What is your prediction about the ending?  How do you think the story will wrap up?  Leave your ideas in predictions in the comments below.

(Also – please comment on Edward and Piper’s last posts – Edward’s so he doesn’t dissolve 🤣 and Piper’s so she’ll finish the story and we can find out what happens. 🤗.)

Chapter 34 of Winterhouse


What do you think Norbridge will do?  What do you think Selena will do?  What do you think Marcus will do?  What do you think Elizabeth will do when she gets to Winter Hall?  What will she find there?  Norbridge told her to stay in his room until he came to get her, but didn’t stay.  What will happen?  Leave your thoughts and predictions in the comments section.