Mystery Book Clubs

Mystery Book Club Expectations

Book club members:  1.) read only the agreed upon chapter(s).

2.) have taken notes

3.) and are ready to make a prediction or inference about what might happen next

Since this is a mystery, let’s see if we can keep track of all the elements of a mystery like we have been during shared reading with the detective case report.  Let’s see if we can collect clues as we read.

Here are examples of note-taking strategies to keep track of your thinking.  Choose the one that works best for you or create your own unique combination.

My examples are for:

I learned from the cover so I’d be ready to look for clues right away.

Here’s an example of the Line-a-Page Strategy








An example of the Essence Strategy








An example of the Sketch-to-Stretch Strategy








Keep track of the clues you collect as you read on a Detective Case Report   Please read chapter 1 and be ready for a club meeting on Tuesday, April 21.

The Clubs are:

Justin, Sophie and Holden







Max, Katherine, Landon, Vera and Anna







Elena, Piper, Edward, Brady, May, Estella and Van


9 thoughts on “Mystery Book Clubs

  1. Thank you so much for putting together this book club Mrs. Eaves and to Sophie & her mom for delivering the books 😊

    • Hi Edward,
      It is some of both. You’ll need to decide which type of response you will keep for each chapter. Because these are mysteries our goal is to be looking for details and trying to keep track of anything we suspect will be a clue.
      A-line-a-page is just that. You write the essential information shared on that page – what you think you might need to remember to solve the mystery.
      The essence strategy is a few sentences summarizing the main information and events in each chapter.
      The Sketch to Stretch strategy sketching out the main events to see if you can discover connections or clues.
      In addition to using one of those strategies for each chapter – we’ll be trying to fill out the Detective Case Report as we read to see how it is different with a chapter book.
      I suspect there will be more “red herrings” as we read longer mysteries.
      Does that make sense?
      🔎Mrs. Eaves

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