Mystery Book Clubs

Mystery Book Club Expectations

Book club members:  1.) read only the agreed upon chapter(s).

2.) have taken notes

3.) and are ready to make a prediction or inference about what might happen next

Since this is a mystery, let’s see if we can keep track of all the elements of a mystery like we have been during shared reading with the detective case report.  Let’s see if we can collect clues as we read.

Here are examples of note-taking strategies to keep track of your thinking.  Choose the one that works best for you or create your own unique combination.

My examples are for:

I learned from the cover so I’d be ready to look for clues right away.

Here’s an example of the Line-a-Page Strategy








An example of the Essence Strategy








An example of the Sketch-to-Stretch Strategy








Keep track of the clues you collect as you read on a Detective Case Report   Please read chapter 1 and be ready for a club meeting on Tuesday, April 21.

The Clubs are:

Justin, Sophie and Holden







Max, Katherine, Landon, Vera and Anna







Elena, Piper, Edward, Brady, May, Estella and Van