A Summary of Week 5

This week you made art and music.  We  shared books by Amy Krauss Rosenthal and explored their themes.  You said they were:  be happy with who you are, you can have adventures on your own, you don’t have to be first ~ take time to notice things around you, and friends =love.

We solved riddles each day and read more mysteries.  We are getting better at completing the Detective Case Reports. It is sometimes challenging to notice the clues.

You are reading and listening to great books.  You’re leaving comments to share our reading recommendations for our classmates.

Some went on Spring scavenger hunts and some of us wrote about spring.

Some went on Noticing Walks and created map of what we sensed while me mindfully listened and felt and saw.

You’ve all been writing each day ~ some in our journals and some on our blogs.  Many more of you finished your souvenirs and travel journals.

You’ve all been learning more about area and the square units you’d use to measure it in in math.  You’ll finish that unit in this upcoming week.4.16-playing-with-area-1-1

Next week you can look forward to starting the mystery book clubs, trying to write our own original mystery, celebrating Earth Day, learning about fables and completing the math unit about x/÷ fact families, story problem writing and area.

Thanks for doing your best, staying safe and being wonderful friends to each other!

💕☀️🌈🙌🏼Mrs. Eaves