Friday Quick Writes

I wonder if you’re feeling both blue and excited like I am.  I’m blue that summer is coming to an end and I’m blue that 3E is changing.  I’m excited for school to be starting again and I’m wondering how our new year will unfold.  We’ve still got a little bit of summer left, so let’s celebrate.

How will you spend your last week of summer?

What will you do to make the final days of summer special?

Write a poem about summer coming to an end.

Think back on your summer and write about something you did that you’re proud of.  What makes this accomplishment feel special?  Do you think it is something you could have achieved during the school year?

Make a list of all the things you did this summer.  Can you come up with something for every letter of the alphabet?

Have fun writing!  I can’t wait to see you – but enjoy the last bits of your summer to the fullest!


Wednesday – Math

Here are some problems to solve.

Logan has 12,850 crayons.  Sophia has 10,739 crayons.

How many more crayons does Sophia have than Logan?

Ellia has 1,258 more crayons than Sophia has. How many crayons does Ellia have?

If Logan, Sophia and Ellia put all their crayons together, how many crayons will that be?

Ella has 10,000 Legos for a building project.  She used 7,573 of her Legos to make a cute monster. How many Legos were left?

Olive baked 1,115 muffins.

Charlie baked 11 times as many.  How many muffins did Charlie bake?

Olive baked some blueberry muffins and some apple muffins.  If 658 of the muffins were blueberry, how many of them were apple?

Leave your answers in a comment below or post your work on your own blog.

As always keep – mathing on!

Wednesday Math

Here are some problems to solve.  Enjoy!

Charlie sorted sports cards.  He had three piles.  One had 25,567 football cards, another had 1,934 hockey cards and the last had 14,385 basketball cards in it.

How many sports cards did Charlie altogether?

He decided to give 13,987 of the cards to his friends.  How many cards did Charlie have left?

Hayley collected shells on the beach.  She found 2,423 white shells, 1,256 yellow shells and 1,068 speckled shells.

How many shells did Hayley collect altogether?

She used 3,808 of her shells to decorate a mirror. How many shells did Hayley have left?

Ryan was building with Legos. He had 22,035 bricks in a bin when he started building.

When he was finished there were 1,368 bricks left. 

How many Legos did Ryan use while he was building?

Friday Quick Writes

Read through the prompts, think about them for a bit and when you’re ready, find ten quiet minutes and begin writing

Use the prompts, or write about whatever idea comes to your mind.  It’s okay if you finish one idea and begin another.  It’s also okay if you don’t finish when the time is up.  Just like always,  you decide:  stop, or keep writing.   You may want to post your quick write as a comment, or on your own blog or you may what to keep it in your notebook.  This week’s writing suggestions come from the Journal Buddies Newsletter, “Happiness Happens.”

How do you feel when you witness (see) happiness?

Where does happiness come from?

Write a poem about the sound of happiness.

How can you encourage happiness?

What things make you the happiest?

What can you accomplish when you’re happy?

What does it mean to find the silver lining in a situation?

I hope you have a happy time writing. Enjoy!


Wednesday Math

Here are some problems to solve.  Enjoy!

Emma has 5,532 crayons.  If she threw away 1,268 because they were broken, how many crayons would she have left?

She put 3/4 of the crayons in a box to share with kids who didn’t have any crayons.  How many crayons did she have left then?

Ryan, Eddie and Hayley collected shoes for people who needed them.  They each collected 1,624 pairs of shoes.

How many pairs to shoes did they collect in total?

Half of the shoes were for children and half were for adults.  How many of each type of shoes were there?

Olive went to the beach and collected some shells. She sorted them.  She had 11,054 colorful shell, 21,407 shimmery shells, 16,832 jingle shells and 2,356 twisty shells.

How many shells did she have altogether?

She gave 18,756 of the shells to her friends.  How many shells did she have left?

Friday Quick Writes

Read through the prompts, think about them for a bit and when you’re ready, find ten quiet minutes and begin…  Remember to capture small, everyday moments – watching a snail eat a lupine leaf – as well as one of a kind moments – James saying “hi” to the bear at the zoo at the same moment the bear moved its head so that James was convinced they were friends.

Use the prompts, what whatever idea comes to your mind.  It’s okay if you finish one idea and begin another.  It’s also okay if you don’t finish when the time is up… you decide:  stop, or keep writing.   You may want to post your quick write as a comment here, or as a stand along post on your own blog or not at all. Have fun!

Draw a quick sketch of the first thing that pops into you head when you think, “This summer, I had fun when…”  Under your sketch list your top five highlights from that memory.

Pick a color and note all the things around you in that color.  If you go someplace else, the grocery story, the beach or your grandparent’s, try it again.  Compare your lists.  What do you discover?

Make a list of summer memories – keep track of the ordinary things, as well as the extraordinary.

What had been the funniest moment of your summer so far?

Wednesday Math

Here are some problems to solve.  Have fun!

15 kids went to Water Country together. 

They each slid down a slide 7 times.

How many trips did the kids slide at Water Country altogether?

When they were finished, they went inside and had ice creams.  Each ice cream had 6 different scoops of ice cream.

How many scoops of ice cream were they served altogether?

There were four bowls of pretzels.  Each bowl had 213 pretzels in it.

How many pretzels were there altogether?

 Ellia, Logan and Michael each ate 68 of the pretzels. How many pretzels were left when they were finished eating?

Charlie subtracted 1,568,621 from 45,349,321 and got a difference of 43,780,700. (Reminder: the answer of a subtraction problem is called the “difference.”)   

Is Charlie correct?

Find the difference to show how you know.

Monday Reading

I read a lot of wonderful books this week.  I wish I could walk through the classroom door and hand them to you and tell you exactly why I think you’d love them.  I hope you’ll go to the library to find some, or you stop by the classroom next year  on your way upstairs to borrow some.  I’ll review a couple favorites today, and a couple tomorrow.  There are pictures of some of the other books I’ve read and recommend in the sidebar.  I hope you’ve found some great books this summer.  Let me know what you are reading in the comments below.

I discovered a new mystery series from England this week.  Fabio is the world’s greatest flamingo detective, who along with his friend and associate, Gilbert Giraffe, are known around Lake Laloozee as the go to pair when an emergency arises.  Business is not going well at the Hotel Royale – the best place around for refreshing pink lemonade – and so one of the owners is thinking of trying something new.  They are going to host a talent show.  They hope this will boost business.  Fabio and Gilbert listen to the plans while sipping their lemonade, but something seems amiss.  The dive of a hippo splashes the customers completely. The rhinoceros dramatically claims illness and backs out as talent show judge, begging Fabio to replace her.  He reluctantly agrees, but doesn’t see how he fits in with the other two judges – a used car salesman and a dance instructor.  The show must go on.  Some acts are bad, others are atrocious and yet. all seem to make it through to the next round.  At last there is one act that actually seems to have some talent.  The power flashes out and the act disappears.  Read Fabio The World’s Greatest Flamingo Detective in The Case of the Missing Hippo to find out what happens.  You’ll find some funny antics, silly adventure and perhaps you’ll locate some clues before Fabio does and solve the case early.

A Friendship for Today takes place in Missouri in 1954 through 1955.  It is a fictionalize story of the author’s, Patricia McKissack’s life.  The book begins on the last day of school, Report Card Day, when Rosemary, J.J. and the rest of their friends are saying good-bye to each other on their last day at Attucks, a segregated school.  Over the summer they prepare for their 6th grade year in new integrated schools.  As the year begins, Rosemary find herself the only African-American child in 6th grade – on top of that, J.J. her best friend in the world is struggling miles away with paralysis caused by polio and Grace Hamilton, one of the few white girls in her neighborhood, is assigned to sit beside Rosemary.  Friendless, and seated beside one of her worst enemies, Rosemary has to figure out how to deal with prejudice and find it in her heart to learn what it means treat everyone with kindness and generosity.  There is so much more in the book.  Read it and let me know what speaks most loudly to you.

Here’s one of my favorite parts.  I like Mr. Bob, the owner of the corner store.  He wise and he shares this with gentle loving-kindness.

School lets out at 12:30 – not a moment too soon. I kick off my shoes and dash home.  I’m anxious to tell Mama I want to transfer and to hear how J.J. is doing.  But first, I stop off at Mr. Bob’s to buy myself a treat.  I deserve one.

“There’s a storm brewing in your face,” he says.  “Was the first day that bad?”

“Mr. Bob, it was awful.  Way, way awful.”

” A lot of name-calling?”

“Some.  But it could have been worse.  The hardest part is not having any of my friends there with me, especially J.J.

“My wife and I heard about J.J. and we’re sick at heart.  The whole community is praying for him,” says Mr. Bob.  “Hang in there,” Mr. Bob adds.  “Your a pioneer in the real sense of the word, Rosemary.  Whenever you are the first, you’re going to have it hard.  I was in the Army-Air Force during World War II.  They said colored men couldn’t fly airplanes, especially in combat.  but we Tuskegee pilots proved ourselves repeatedly.  So, I say this to you so you’ll maybe gather strength from my words.  Be the best you can be, and that’s all any can ask.”

“Thank you, Mr. Bob,” I say and hurry home.

It will help your understanding grow beyond Freedom Summer, Uncle Jeb’s Barbershop, The Other Side and Let the Children March.

Friday Quick Write Ideas

Steamy weather is on the way… these prompts are to help you remember all the things you love about summer – even when it’s HOT!

Read through the prompts, think about them for a bit and when you’re ready, find ten quiet minutes to begin…  It’s okay if you finish one idea and  begin another.  Just try to keep writing for the whole ten minutes.  It’s also okay if you don’t finish when the time is up… you decide:  stop, or keep writing.   You may want to post your quick write as a comment, or on your own blog. Have fun writing!

Where is your favorite place to go in the summer?  Tell a story about being there.  Can you include all five senses?

What is your favorite family summer tradition?

Write about poem about the first day of summer.

Write a poem about the last day of summer.

What is your favorite summer memory?

Happy Writing!

Wednesday Math

Sorry about missing last Friday’s Quick Writes and Monday’s book reviews.  We went on a family vacation.  We camped on Students Island on Mooselookmeguntic Lake in Oquossoc, Maine. We had fun swimming, fishing, canoeing, hiking, playing and relaxing together.  Here’s the view from our tent door.  I hope you’re having a wonderful summer too.

Here are some problems to solve.  Have fun!

Eddie had three huge bins of Legos.  One had 14,567 long bricks in it. Another had 21,934 medium bricks in it and the last had 20,385 small bricks in it.

How many Lego bricks did Eddie have altogether?

He used 32,987 of the bricks to build a house.

How many Lego bricks were left for other projects?

Ella collected shells.  She had 2,423 white shells, 2,056 yellow shells and 1,308 speckled shells.

She used 2,388 of her shells to decorate one box and 839 to decorate another. 

How many shells did Ella have left for other projects?

There were 7 teams playing in the soccer tournament. Each team had 15 players.  How many players were in the soccer tournament altogether?

There were 6 teams in the football playoff. Each team had 14 players.  How many players were in the football play off altogether?

Were there more soccer players or football players?     How many more?