Science Inquiry

As we begin this new inquiry project here are some tips that could help you find the information you are looking for.  If there are books on your topic start with them.  They may not be as exciting as a computer, but they are more likely to help you learn what you want to know.

Online research is tricky.  It can be difficult to read and challenging to understand.  You can spend a lot of time looking and zipping from site to site without finding any information.

Kiddle and KidRex are search engines designed for kids.   They are more likely share information at your level that you can read and understand – it is still challenging. Other places to check for information are Scholastic GoPebble Go, Science Flix and Brain Pop Jr – the user names and passwords to these sites are on the white board.

The Kids Should See This is a collection of videos that may have information related to your topic.  Type your topic in beside the magnifying glass and see what you discover.

If you are researching an animal then A to Z Animals is a place to start.

Remember to read each section and article carefully and take notes paragraph by paragraph. Have fun on your search.

Links for Information About Each State

Our country is an amazing place – mountains, prairies, deserts, lakes, rivers and beaches too.  It is full of creative and innovative scientists, artists, inventors, authors, and much more.  There are plants and animals that only live in the United States and no where else in the world.  Once you know which state you’ll be exploring , here are some sites to help you begin.  They’ve got information and images so you can understand what it might be like to vacation in or live there.  You’ll be uncovering wonders from your state and convincing us that is the Number 1 place in our country to visit!

A to Z Kid Stuff has a link for each state.  There are interesting bits of information, usually photographs and at least one video sharing something unique about your state.

Culture Grams – State Edition also shares information about each state.  Make sure to open the links listed on the lefthand side.  You can find recipes, sports teams and great places to visit on this site.  It will read to you which is helpful with some of the tricky names and places.  If this doesn’t open right away, ask and I’ll give you the user name you need.

U.S. States on the National Geographic Kids site has good information AND great photographs.  You’ll feel as if you’ve traveled to parts of your state after you explore this ho

All states have symbols.  Citizens of each state have petitions their legislators to pass laws naming different things as important to their states.  States have flags, mottos, flowers and trees that are important to them.  Some states have dances, songs, amphibians, minerals and even drinks.  You can find out all about your state’s symbols at State Symbols USA.  Some states have a lot, while others only have a few.  Explore this site to see what people in your state chose.

There is a book for each state in Truflix.  You can use the eboard to read them at home or you can try this link in school.  These have lots of information that will help you persuade everyone that your state is the best to visit.

Ducksters and Fact Monster also have pages of information for each state.  I think if you explore the other sites thoroughly and read the library books carefully, you’ll know a LOT about your state and won’t have any trouble at all convincing us to plan our next vacation there.

Links For Information about Countries Around the World

When you’re ready, you may want to explore these links.  They have general information and some have interesting photographs to help you visualize and understand even more about the Wonders of your country.

These links have all of the countries we are researching:

National Geographic Kids – Type your country name in the search box and check out the information about your country arranged by topics.

Ducksters Geography – This website sort countries by continent/region.  There are many topics and basic facts shared about each of our countries.

FactMonster – This website begins with an alphabetical listing of countries.  It includes all the countries we have chosen to research.  Once you find your country, click on the link and it will share information.  There is more political history on this site and some of the others.  The index on the top right of the first pages shares other paragraphs about different topic about your country.

Culture Grams has all of our countries.  It is a product the school subscribes to.  Using the User Name and Password will allow you to find even more information.  You can get those from the list on the cabinet in our classroom.  This has great information – links to the national anthem, recipes and highlights one-of-a-kind features that you might decide are wonders.

These links have some of the countries we are researching:

Fun Facts for Kids:  Countries – Check out fun facts listed for most of the countries our class chose to explore – only Costa Rica is not included.  This is a website published from New Zealand.

Kid’s World Travel Guide – Fifteen different countries are featured on this website.  The information shared there is organized by topic.  It’s missing Costa Rica, Madagascar and Turkey.

While you’re trying to discover the stories behind some of the things you think could be Wonders from your country you can use these search engines.  They’ve been designed to filter information for kids – some of the articles are still challenging.

You could use Duck Duck Go,

Kiddle or


Once you’re there, type the name of your Wonder (spelling matters) and add the words “information for kids” or “information for third graders.”  Sometimes that helps focus the search even more, so the information might be more understandable for you.

National Holiday Resources

Here are some resources that might help you to discover more about the national holiday you are researching.

Your goal is to teach others about this holiday:

  • When was it first celebrated?
  • Why is it important?  What does it commemorate?
  • When did it become a national holiday?
  • What was happening in the country and the world when it was established as a national holiday?
  • What are some of this holiday’s symbols and traditions?

You’ll be creating a display board sharing your information.  You’ll also be planning an activity or game for your families and classmates to do at an evening Holiday Palooza!

Click on the links to find some information about your holiday.

Ducksters has some information about each national holiday.  They are listed alphabetically.

Use the side bar on this site to find videos by season and articles in the HOLIDAY READING.  The holidays are arranged in the order they are celebrated in.

There’s information about each National Holiday on the Kiddle search engine, but you’ll have to patient and scroll to the bottom of each page and click on the next number until you find your holiday information.  Other country’s national holidays are in this list too so make sure you are reading about the U.S.A.



There’s a bit of information about each national holiday here.

KidRex is another kid safe search engine.  If you type your holiday in the SEARCH bar, many articles, pictures and some videos will some.  Some of them will be helpful, some of them will be confusing and some of them will be challenging.  Use what you can.

Have fun researching and planning.  How will we celebrate your holiday at 3E’s National Holiday Palooza?