Science Inquiry

As we begin this new inquiry project here are some tips that could help you find the information you are looking for.  If there are books on your topic start with them.  They may not be as exciting as a computer, but they are more likely to help you learn what you want to know.

Online research is tricky.  It can be difficult to read and challenging to understand.  You can spend a lot of time looking and zipping from site to site without finding any information.

Kiddle and KidRex are search engines designed for kids.   They are more likely share information at your level that you can read and understand – it is still challenging. Other places to check for information are Scholastic GoPebble Go, Science Flix and Brain Pop Jr – the user names and passwords to these sites are on the white board.

The Kids Should See This is a collection of videos that may have information related to your topic.  Type your topic in beside the magnifying glass and see what you discover.

If you are researching an animal then A to Z Animals is a place to start.

Remember to read each section and article carefully and take notes paragraph by paragraph. Have fun on your search.

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