Mystery Book Clubs

Here are the book choices for our new book clubs.  Preview the choices.  You can see the front and back cover of each book and two pages from a random place in the book. Read them and see if it feels like a good fit.  We’ve got between 4 and 6 copies of each book so you each should be able to get one of your top choices.  List your top three choices in a comment below today or tomorrow, and we’ll figure out how to get these mysteries started!  📚😃🔍

A to Z Mysteries ~Detective Camp 130 pages

Ballpark Mysteries ~ Fenway Foul-Up 95 pages

Brixton Brothers ~ The Case of the Case of Mistaken Identity 179 pages

The Buddy Files ~ The Case of the School Ghost 129 pages

Mariella Mystery Investigates ~ The Spaghetti Yeti 176 pages

Third Grade Detectives~ The Mystery of the Stolen Statue 70 pages

Shredderman ~ Secret Identity 138 pages

27 thoughts on “Mystery Book Clubs

  1. 1)Brixton Brothers the Case of the Case of Mistaken Identity.
    2) Shredderman secret Identity.
    2) A to Z Mysteries detective Camp.

  2. I like these type of books. I like reading.📖📗📘📒📙📚😁. LOTS OF DIFFERENT BOOKS. Oops forgot again.

    • Hi Vera,
      Just so I am certain – yesterday your comment was
      1. Detective Camp
      2 Mariella Mystery
      3 3rd Grade Detectives.
      Do you want that to stay or do you want to switch you first and second choices?
      1. Mariella Mystery
      2 Detective Camp
      Let me know which is your first choice.

  3. Hi Mrs.Eves I hope I get one of these.

    1. School Gost

    2. Mariella Mystery

    3. A-Zb Mystery

    I hope I get School Gost. I cant wate for this to hapen.

    • Hi Estella,
      I’m sure you’ll have one of your choices.
      By the end of the day, I’ll know who has chosen which books and then I’ll make the groups and get the books to you all.
      📖 Mrs. Eaves

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