Our Day – Wednesday, April 8

Good Morning! I hope you are feeling good about all you are doing.  It’s a lot!  Thank you!  Check this affirmations poster when you’re feeling overwhelmed or not enough.  YOU ARE AMAZING!

Morning Work – I hope you will start off your learning day by completing your weather graph, noting the temperature on the section of the graph you color in and the type of cloud you see.  Use the symbols on the cloud finder.

Stop to put your gratefulness rock in your pocket. Think of something new that you are grateful for as your day begins and add it to your Gratitude Jar.  Then check out each others blogs and leave a comment or two.

Keep up with independent reading suggestions by checking out all the comments you’ve each been leaving.  Keep reading each and every day!

Morning Meeting –  I have chosen this book today to that remind us again of the importance of celebrating ourselves. School is happening in a whole new way and you are doing it!  W will get through this together and we’ll be stronger because of our determination.

Let’s start by listening to Naked Mole Rat Get’s Dressed.  Wilbur started a trend, just by asking, “why not?” It was cool that Grand-pah take him seriously.  It seems to me, Wilbur helped all the mole rats have a good time – “no exceptions.”

After thinking about what Wilbur had done, I wanted to make sure you knew how to exercise your power of positivity.  Wendy Baker shared these pages on her site Thinking Zing.  They can help us thing like Wilbur – “what if” and “why not.”  What’s on your bucket list?  What do you like?  What do you look forward to accomplishing in your life?  Here’s a brainstorming guide.  It is a list of questions and prompts designed to make the Bucket List Activity easier to complete. When you’ve finished (and you don’t have to finish this in one day) share on your blog. Lots of times sharing your hopes and dreams with others means they can help you achieve them.

Take a break, get a snack and move around.  If you’d like, here are two  Go Noodle videos to move here with Believer and here to develop confidence with Chin up.

How are you feeling about mysteries and the elements of that genre?

Shared Reading –  You did a great job with yesterday’s riddles.  Here are the answers: silverware and dishes, the alphabet and your voice

Riddle #1  A girl fell off a 20 foot ladder.  She wasn’t hurt.  Why?

Riddle #2 What has lots of eyes, but can’t see?

Riddle #3 What is full of holes, but still holds water?

If  you’ve got an answer for any of today’s riddles, leave your guess in a comment.

Listen to this mystery,  The Deductive Detective.  See if you can figure out what deductive means.  After listening complete The Detective Case Report for this book too.  You did a great job with this yesterday.  Please find a way to share it by sending a photo in an email or by creating a post on your blog.

Take a break, go outside, look for new signs of spring, practice your recorder, make some art.

Here’s a note from Mrs. Oliver ~ I know it isn’t a music day yet, but this is a cool new project and I thought you’d like to get started!

The 50th anniversary of Earth Day will be celebrated April 22, 2020.  In honor of that day, I am offering all students an opportunity to create an instrument using items you would normally recycle.  I have uploaded a video to my website with more information.  This is optional but I think it will be fun.  If you take time to decorate your instrument, please send an image to Mrs. Nardone.  Mrs. Oliver would love to see and hear your instrument being played.  Send those clips to moliver@sau21.org
I also have a new recorder song for students to watch, learn and play along.  Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to send me videos of students playing their recorder songs.  I would love to see and hear from more students.  It is the only way I know if you are participating in music while we are apart.
Here is my website where you can find lots of videos of recorder songs and the information on Recycled Instruments.
Enjoy your music making and be well.
Mrs. Oliver

ReadingFind a nice quiet place to read and enjoy at least 30 minutes with a great book.  If you’re wishing for some new book/reading options you can find some fabulous picture book recordings at Storyline Online and recorded books here at Audible. The Elementary selections look great.  Enjoy!

At the end of reading today, choose two or three things from the Book Talk Questions grid when you leave a comment about what you read today on the blog.

Go outside, have some lunch, play a game, count the birds in your yard.  Relax.

Writer’s Workshop  –  Today we’ll continue writing about weather.  Here’s a review of the steps we’ve taken so far if you need to catch up with the process.

We began with a lead.

Then we used our concept map to make a plan.  We learned about topic sentences and paragraphing.  You wrote about your first subtopic paragraph.

We’ve followed those same steps to  write about subtopic 2, and subtopic 3.

When you’re ready to write today, go to all posts and open your weather post.  Read your feedback and make revisions paragraphs.  Delete the feedback and add the next new paragraph(s) about that one subtopic.  Remember to use your elaboration strategies.  When you have finished writing about that subtopic  STOP and save your draft.  Don’t submit it.  You’ll be learning more about the conclusion the next time you write.

(If you have bits and pieces of your travel journal to finish up, do them when you have time.)

Inquiry Workshop – Social Studies  –  This is week to create our souvenirs. You may have found your souvenir planner in your blue folder.  If you didn’t, here’s a copy – souvenir planner – think about supplies you have on hand, talk to your family and then begin creating.  If you need help, ask for it.  Today, hopefully, you’re working on souvenir 3.  The plan is to submit a photograph of your completed souvenirs on Monday, April 13.

think this may be where our  1:00 Zoom meeting will fit.  Today we’ll be talking about what makes a mystery a mystery.  What kind of mysteries would you like to explore and solve?

MathHere are  today’s warm-ups Fact Family Arrays and Fact Family Triangles.  Both of them are practicing with fact families.  I know you understand this concept at this point.  Take time with the equations and notice if they are facts you know automatically.  If they are not write them down put them on your mirror, repeat them often until they do become automatic.  Knowing your facts in all four operations makes all of math so much easier.

How did Line ‘Em Up go yesterday?  If you have time, play again to feel more comfortable with remainders.  Not every amount can be divided evenly

Next, here are today’s problems to choose from.  See if there are two that feel like just right challenges.   You can solve them in your journal or on a piece of paper.  It would be most helpful to put the color and the date the problem was posted.  Thanks!

Edward was building a model of the St. Basil’s Cathedral with Legos.  He had 2,035 bricks in a bin when he started building.

When he was finished there were 68 bricks left. 

How many Legos did Edward use in his building project?

Van, Vera and Landon are learning about the size of their countries in square miles.

France is 248,573 square miles.

Italy is 116,437 square miles

Greece is 50,949 square miles.

How many square miles do those three countries cover altogether in Europe?

How much bigger is France than Germany?

How much bigger is Italy than Greece?

Katherine and Landin are learning about the number of people who live in their countries.  They are comparing the population

Brazil has 212,207,808 people living there.

Peru has 32,864,434 people living there.

How many people is that altogether?

How many more people live in Brazil than in Peru?

Estella was building a model of the Great Wall of China with Legos.  She had 534 bricks in a bin when she started building.

When she was finished there were 89 bricks left. 

How many Legos did Estella use in her building project?

Holden and Max are learning about the size of their countries in square miles.

Australia is 2,970,000 square miles.

Egypt is 390,100 square miles.

How many square miles do the two countries cover altogether?

How much bigger is Australia than Egypt?

May learned that kiwi birds weigh about 5 ½ pounds.  If she had 12 kiwi birds, how much would they weigh altogether?

Ostriches weigh about 320 pounds.  How many kiwis would it take to equal the weight of one ostrich?

If you’ve worked through that, it’s definitely time for a game here at ABCya. If you want to try Prodigy talk to your parents.  Did anyone else find another game to recommend?  Leave the name in a comment so we can all have fun.  Did anyone else find another game you like.  Leave the name in a comment so we can all have fun.

UA’s for today…

Spanish ~ I know Señora Murphy has posted some new lessons for you to explore. Library ~ there are lots of great resources there for read aloud, and opportunities to draw with author illustrators like Mo Willems (Piggie and Gerald) and Jarrett Krosoczka (Lunch Lady)

I hope you had a Wonderful Wednesday!

Thanks for all the work you do!  You make a difference every day!


💕Mrs. Eaves

36 thoughts on “Our Day – Wednesday, April 8

    • Google – you may need to ask your parents to email you pictures and videos though. Check with them first please.
      Mrs. Eaves

  1. I listened to Carla’s Sandwich. Carla brings weird sandwiches to school. People make fun of her. One day a boy try’s one of her weird sandwiches and loves it. From that day on every day people bring weird sandwiches to school.

  2. Today I read Harry Potter 4. You- Know- Who’s symbol was conjured and the Minestrey Of Magic blamed it on Barty Crouches house elf all because she found Harry’s wand and she was lying petrafied under the dark mark. House Elf’s get cloths when they are being free of slavery and Barty was making his elf save him a seat in the top box and he never went up… you think that’s not so bad right, Winky is TARRAFIED of hights! Mr. Crouch told Winky to stay in the tent but when she saw Muggles being picked up and having there underwear shown she obveosly got scared! That was my reading today!

    • Hi Sophie,
      I can’t wait to have time to read these books again. You are reminding me of details and events I’d forgotten. I am curious to join the story again.
      Thanks for sharing your reading!
      📚Mrs. Eaves

  3. I read The Cat Fish Cub by Sudipya Bardhan-Quallen! They spread out to find good stuff to use they find the best paper and used snail slime as glue. Angel is smart and active she loves to win or be first. the story starts by having them get there home work and going to the museum at the end of the book they they finish there project that they work together on that had not been abel to take out of the museum and then it it got put in the museum.

    • Hi Estella,
      Is this another story connected to the Purrmaids that you shared on Tuesday? It is fun to imagine being able to go to a museum to do you homework. That would be interesting.
      Thanks for sharing your reading.
      📚Mrs. Eaves

  4. 1) It was on the ground.
    2)Potato Potatoes are covered in small eyes that aren’t really eyes at all.

  5. I read The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe from the Narnia series. Four children Peter Pevensie, Susan Pevensie, Edmund Pevensie, and Lucy Pevensie. They enter Narnia through a way you won’t expect but I won’t spoil it and they become Kings and Queens of Narnia. They are chasing the White Stag and end up back in the same room at the same time they left. It is the second book in the Narnia series by C.S Lewis.

    • Okay, that happens. Would you know what to do if you had a chance to do it again? Do you need any help?
      Mrs. Eaves

  6. The story starts with a puppy and it end with a old dog diying.
    The owner of marly.
    My favorite part is when Marly is in a movie and he is playing himself.
    This is a real story.

  7. I read Junie B. Jones Dumb Bunny! by Barbara park
    They were finishing the egg- hunt. and May “found” 6 eggs.
    But Sheldon Found the golden egg. And Junie, Sheldon, May all tackled each other but Junie really got it because junie b was on the buttom of the stack…

    • Hi Elena,
      How could Junie have been the one to get the egg, if Sheldon found it? I remember you mentioning the Golden Egg when you started this book. What makes it so important? Do you get something special if you have it?
      How do Sheldon and May feel about Junie? How would you feel about having Junie in our class?
      Thanks for sharing your reading and your ideas.
      📚Mrs. Eaves

  8. What’s happening right now in Ramona Forever is Uncle Hobart and Aunt Bea are getting married and Ramona’s Mom is having a baby and at first they thought it was a boy and were going to call him Algie but it was a girl, so they called her Alberta. My favorite part is when Uncle Hobart said he forgot about flowers, because then he and Aunt Bea are getting mad at each other.

    • Hi Anna,
      That is a thorough summary of this part of the book. Do you think Ramona is happy about having a new sister, or worried?
      I can imagine her being a little of both.
      I hope the flower upset passes quickly so the wedding can go smoothly.
      Thanks for sharing your reading.
      📚Mrs. Eaves

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