◼️🔺🔵 Wednesday Math 🔢

Here are some problems to solve!

Justin is reading a 403- page book.  He is on page 147. How many pages does Justin have left to read? 

If Justin reads 30 pages a day, how many days will it take him to finish the book? 

Elena was looking for animal books in the library.  There were 8 shelves of animal books.  Each shelf had 14 books on it.  How many animal books did Elena find in the library altogether?

Elena chose three about cats.  One had 203 pages.  One had 96 pages and the last one had 132 pages. 

When Elena finished the three books, how may pages will she have read about cats?

Sophie sorted Harry Potter cards.  She had three piles.  One had 326 brown Care of Magical Creature cards, another had 134 blue Charms cards and 64 green Potion cards and the last piles had 385 yellow Quidditch cards and 58 red Transfigurations cards in it.  How many Harry Potter cards did Sophie altogether?

She decided to give 387 of the cards to her friends so they could play together.  How many cards does Sophie left now?

Katherine had a rock collection.  She has 173 rocks with quartz crystals in them.  She has 35 geodes and 56 semi-precious gems.  How my rock does Katherine have in her collection altogether?

Estella organized her craft supplies.

She sorted and counted 167 beads, 84 stickers and 157 feathers.

How many supplies did Estella organize altogether?

She used half of them to decorate journals for her friends.  How many craft supplies did she have left?