ūüďöMonday Reading ūüďĖ

Do you like the idea of dragons and griffons and unicorns living among us? ¬†Then you should read the Imaginary Veterinary series by Suzanne Selfors. ¬†This six-book series begins with The Sasquatch Escape. ¬†Ben Silverstein has been sent to spend the summer with his grandfather in Buttonville. ¬†There is nothing there, and yet, somehow Ben manages to find an unimaginable adventure. ¬†It begins just as he arrives in town. He sees something incredible in the clouds, but when he tries to talk about it, he’s called a “storyteller.” ¬†Ben knows what he’s just seen and he knows the girl in the window has seen it too. ¬†Tomorrow, they’ll meet and figure out what is going on.

If you need more convincing, click on this link to watch¬†The Sasquatch Escape¬†trailer. ¬†Pearl and Ben will take you on a funny, exciting and complicated journey as they become apprentices to Dr. Woo and learn to care for real “imaginary” creatures.

Here’s what is says on the back of The Bat: ¬†“As a child, Elise Gravel was already fascinated by disgusting little creatures. ¬†At three-and-a-half, she founded the Organization for the Defense of Disgusting Critters, of which she was both the president and the only member. ¬†Nowadays, when she’s not busy petting a fly or a worm, she writes and illustrates strange children’s books.”

I don’t think they’re strange at all. ¬†I think they are interesting and funny. ¬†They’re certainly favorites in the classroom! ¬†They make you think differently, question and wonder. ¬†Make sure to read the new books in the series: ¬†The Bat, The Cockroach and The Mosquito. ¬†What disgusting creatures would you add to the series?


What are you reading? ¬†What do you recommend? ¬†Let us know, but leaving a comment below.ūüďė