🍩🍬Wednesday Math🍫🍭

Here are some sweet problems to solve.

Van bought 4 candy bars.  They each cost $1.23.  How much money did Van spend altogether?

Anna’s mom sent her to the candy store with 29 party bags.  She asked Anna to fill each party bag with 15 pieces of candy.  How many pieces of candy will Anna buy at the candy store?

Mrs. Douglas keeps 37 jars behind the counter at the candy store.  Each jar contains 286 pieces of candy.  How many pieces of candy does Mrs. Douglas have behind the counter altogether?

Landin, Estella and May went to the candy story.  They each bought 2 boxes of Swedish fish.  Each box had 34 candy fish inside.  How many Swedish fish did the girls have altogether?

Brady, Edward, Holden, Vera and Sophie were treated to a milk shake one hot day in July.  Each milk shake cost $2.98.  How much did the milk shakes cost in all?

Maybe you could write your own sweet problem for us to solve.  Leave it in a comment below

🔢Wednesday Math◼️🔵🔺

Here are some problems to solve.  Have fun!

Katherine liked eating goldfish crackers.  She wanted to find out what her total was for the week.  She ate 39 in the morning and 37 in the afternoon on the first day.

The next day she ate two times as many goldfish.

On the third day she only ate half as many goldfish as she had on the first day.

How many goldfish did she eat altogether in those three days?

For the remaining four days of the week she ate 55 goldfish each day.

How many goldfish did Katherine eat in the week?

Edward was building with Legos.  He had 550 Legos bricks in a bin.  He used 154 red bricks, 237 white bricks and 94 blue bricks to make a village.

How many Lego bricks did Edward use altogether to build his village?

How many Lego bricks were left in the bin?

There are twelve books in the According to Humphrey book series.

Three of them have 176 pages each. 

Three of them have 152 pages each.

Two of them have 126 pages each.

The other four books have 144 pages. 

How many pages are there in the series of books altogether?

If Estella read half of the total number of pages in all 12 books, how many pages would she have read?

Justin and Sophie were cleaning up the beach.

They collected: 2,235 bottle caps

                          1,673 straw wrappers and

                          3,092 snack packages.

How much trash did they collect altogether?

Half of what they collected could be recycled.  A fourth of what they collected could be washed and reused.

How much was left for the trash can?

Brady collected 24 stones.  He sorted them and divided them in 3 even rows.

How many stones were in each row?

One fourth of the stones were white.  How many stones were not white?

◼️🔺🔵 Wednesday Math 🔢

Here are some problems to solve!

Justin is reading a 403- page book.  He is on page 147. How many pages does Justin have left to read? 

If Justin reads 30 pages a day, how many days will it take him to finish the book? 

Elena was looking for animal books in the library.  There were 8 shelves of animal books.  Each shelf had 14 books on it.  How many animal books did Elena find in the library altogether?

Elena chose three about cats.  One had 203 pages.  One had 96 pages and the last one had 132 pages. 

When Elena finished the three books, how may pages will she have read about cats?

Sophie sorted Harry Potter cards.  She had three piles.  One had 326 brown Care of Magical Creature cards, another had 134 blue Charms cards and 64 green Potion cards and the last piles had 385 yellow Quidditch cards and 58 red Transfigurations cards in it.  How many Harry Potter cards did Sophie altogether?

She decided to give 387 of the cards to her friends so they could play together.  How many cards does Sophie left now?

Katherine had a rock collection.  She has 173 rocks with quartz crystals in them.  She has 35 geodes and 56 semi-precious gems.  How my rock does Katherine have in her collection altogether?

Estella organized her craft supplies.

She sorted and counted 167 beads, 84 stickers and 157 feathers.

How many supplies did Estella organize altogether?

She used half of them to decorate journals for her friends.  How many craft supplies did she have left?

🔢Wednesday Math 🔵◼️🔺

Here are some problems to solve.  Have fun!

Landon collected 2384 basketball cards.  He gave 533 of them to Max.

How many cards did Landon have then?

Next Landon bought 5 more packs of cards.  Each pack had 16 cards in it.

How many new basketball cards did Landon buy?

How many hockey cards does Landon have now?

Holden sorted his books.  He had 1,452 books altogether.  He put the same amount on each shelf of his 2-shelf bookcase.

How many books did he put on each shelf?

One half of the books on just the top shelf were picture books.  The rest of the books in the bookcase were chapter books. How many picture books does Holden have? How many chapter books does he have?

Brady had 12,369 Legos.  He divided them into 3 even groups.

How many Legos were in each group?

He used two of the groups to make an amazing building.  How many Legos did Brady use to build his building?

Vera had 174 dimes.

She gave Edward some.  Those added up to $3.40.

She gave May some.  They added up to $2.20.

How many dimes did Vera have left?

How much money in dollars and cents are the dimes that Vera has left?



🔢 Wednesday Math🔺◼️🔵

Let’s explore patterns today.  We’ll start with number patterns.  Write the next number in the number sequence.  Then name the rule for each pattern

Example:  3, 6, 9, 12, 15, _____  

Answer: 18. The rule is: +3

2 , 6 , 10 , 14 , 18 , _____

31 , 29 , 27, 25 , 23 , _____

5 , 14 , 23 , 32 , 41 , 50 , _____

123, 112, 101, 90, 79, _____

4, 7, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, _____

331, 324, 317, 310, 303, _____

13, 21, 29, 37, 45, 53, _____

Draw the next figure in each repeating pattern.

Wednesday Math

Do you remember talking about equivalence?  Do you remember when we talked about balancing equations?  Remember = doesn’t mean “find an answer.” Balancing equations can be a challenge, but we can do them if we slow down and think about our math process.

Maybe you’d like to practice with your family.  Balance is the key.  Here’s one example as a reminder:

6 + ? = 32 ÷ 4. One side of the equation has an unknown.  The other side doesn’t.  Start there.  Think about what you know about ÷/x fact families and you know 32÷4 = 8

So that means:  6+ ? = 8

6 + 2 = 8 

So 2 fills the blank.

Here are some equations for you:

8 x _____ = 4 x 10

21 – 6 = 5 x _____

5 +_____ = 18 ÷ 2

7 + 4 = 5 + _____

35 ÷ 7 = _____ +5

16 – 7 = 3 x ____

_____ – 4 = 9 x 2

Have fun challenging your thinking in new ways.  If you want, leave your own equation in a comment for us to solve.

Wednesday – Math

Here are some problems to solve.

Logan has 12,850 crayons.  Sophia has 10,739 crayons.

How many more crayons does Sophia have than Logan?

Ellia has 1,258 more crayons than Sophia has. How many crayons does Ellia have?

If Logan, Sophia and Ellia put all their crayons together, how many crayons will that be?

Ella has 10,000 Legos for a building project.  She used 7,573 of her Legos to make a cute monster. How many Legos were left?

Olive baked 1,115 muffins.

Charlie baked 11 times as many.  How many muffins did Charlie bake?

Olive baked some blueberry muffins and some apple muffins.  If 658 of the muffins were blueberry, how many of them were apple?

Leave your answers in a comment below or post your work on your own blog.

As always keep – mathing on!

Wednesday Math

Here are some problems to solve.  Enjoy!

Charlie sorted sports cards.  He had three piles.  One had 25,567 football cards, another had 1,934 hockey cards and the last had 14,385 basketball cards in it.

How many sports cards did Charlie altogether?

He decided to give 13,987 of the cards to his friends.  How many cards did Charlie have left?

Hayley collected shells on the beach.  She found 2,423 white shells, 1,256 yellow shells and 1,068 speckled shells.

How many shells did Hayley collect altogether?

She used 3,808 of her shells to decorate a mirror. How many shells did Hayley have left?

Ryan was building with Legos. He had 22,035 bricks in a bin when he started building.

When he was finished there were 1,368 bricks left. 

How many Legos did Ryan use while he was building?

Wednesday Math

Here are some problems to solve.  Enjoy!

Emma has 5,532 crayons.  If she threw away 1,268 because they were broken, how many crayons would she have left?

She put 3/4 of the crayons in a box to share with kids who didn’t have any crayons.  How many crayons did she have left then?

Ryan, Eddie and Hayley collected shoes for people who needed them.  They each collected 1,624 pairs of shoes.

How many pairs to shoes did they collect in total?

Half of the shoes were for children and half were for adults.  How many of each type of shoes were there?

Olive went to the beach and collected some shells. She sorted them.  She had 11,054 colorful shell, 21,407 shimmery shells, 16,832 jingle shells and 2,356 twisty shells.

How many shells did she have altogether?

She gave 18,756 of the shells to her friends.  How many shells did she have left?