Wednesday Math

Here are some problems to solve.  Enjoy!

Solve them as efficiently as you can.

There were four bowls of pretzels.  Each bowl had 213 pretzels in it.

How many pretzels were there altogether?

If Ellia, Ella and Michael each ate 42 of the pretzels, how many would be left in the bowl?


Six friends collected shells at the beach.

They each collect 134.

How many shells did they collect altogether?

They used 432 of the shells in craft projects. How many of the shells were left?


Eddie, Olive and Cooper each collect 246 Popsicle sticks for a project.

How many Popsicle sticks did they collect altogether?

Hayley, Ryan, Charlie and Liam each collect 213 pipe cleaners to add to the project.

How many pipe cleaners did they collect altogether?

Were there more Popsicle sticks or pipe cleaners? ___________

How many more were there?

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Math

    • I agree with all your final answers. When I solved problem 1 I did 213×4 = 852. Then I found that 42×3 was 126. To reach my final answer I subtracted. 852-126 = 736
      When I solved problem 2 I did 134×6 = 804. Next I found that 804-432= 372
      For problem 3 I solved 246×3 = 738. Next I found 213×4 = 852. There were more pipe cleaners. 852 – 738 = 114 more pipe cleaners. How did you find your answers? There are so many different ways. What strategies did you use?

  1. Green problem:
    852 all together
    726 left

    Blue problem:
    804 in all
    372 left

    Yellow problem:
    738 Popsicle sticks
    852 pipe cleaners
    There were more pipe cleaners.
    114 left.

    Hope your summer is going well. Logan

    • Hi Logan,
      I’m so glad to see your math thinking here for each of the problems. What you shared shows you understood each part of the problem clearly. You answered each part of the problem.
      I hope your vacation is relaxing and fun too.

      James turned 3 this week. He is Mr. Fast Fast on Ice and we are looking forward to his birthday party this weekend at our family cottage. What are you doing for fun this summer?

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