Monday Reading

One of my goals for the last few summers has been to read a book a day.  A reading teacher from Texas began this challenge to help teachers read more and find ways to bring more books into classrooms.  I think this has worked for us.  I have piles of books EVERYWHERE around and on my desk at home.  My goal this summer was to buy nothing new until there was nothing unread… we’ll see how long that will last.

I started with Ruby on the Outside. It will make you think.  Ruby is 11.  Summer vacation is just beginning and she is realizing she has no true friends.  Ruby’s mom is in prison, but she doesn’t want anyone to know that.  It is a secret she has kept for six years.  Then Margalit moves in and they hit it off right away – but what if events in their past are connected?  What if secrets must be told?

Ruby on the Outside by Nora Raliegh Baskin will make you think about choices and consequences, life and love, family and friends.  I think it’s a quietly, important book.

And just for fun – pictures from the first day of school and the last!  Happy Summer 3E!