Wednesday Math

Here are some problems to solve.  Have fun!

There were five bowls of popcorn.  Each bowl had 186 pieces of popcorn in it.

How many pieces of popcorn were there altogether?

There were six bowls of pretzels.  Each bowl had 135 pretzels in it.  How many pretzels were there altogether?

Was there more popcorn or more pretzels? ________ How much more?


Liam, Sutton and Sophia each wrote stories that were 316 words long.

Michael and Charlie each wrote stories that were 327 words long.

How many words did these five students write altogether?

How many more words would they have to write to reach 5,000 words in total?


Hayley, Ellia, Ella, Cooper and Eddie went to Water Country at 10:56. They each slid down the slides 34 times.

How many times did they go down the slides  altogether?

They got home at 2:28.

How long did they stay at Water Country that day?