Our Week – June 14

Thank you for a wonderful year.  As you could see from their portfolios, your children did many different things this year. They grew in so many ways.  They deserve to be proud of their effort and their accomplishments.

We combined parts of everyone’s “The Important Thing about 3rdGrade” into this final piece of writing. On Thursday the class created posters to illustrate them.

The important thing about third grade is that it is fun to be together.

You’ll discover every new friend has something a little like you and something else that is not quite like you at all.

You’ll read and write.  You’ll create stories, books and research displays.

You’ll have museums, celebrations and parades. You’ll learn about multiplication, division and fractions.

You’ll accomplish hard things and feel proud. But the important thing about third grade is that it is fun to be together!


I hope you’ll try some summer blogging.  A  note about it went home Thursday.  On Monday there will be book reviews, on Wednesday there will be math problems and puzzles and on Friday there will be quick write suggestions.  I hope you’ll check often – that way we can stay connected even when we’re not together every day.

I hope you all have amazing, relaxing and joyful vacation.  Good Luck Gabriel!  We’ll be thinking of you!

Happy Vacation!