Wednesday Math

Here are some problems to solve.  Enjoy!

Emma has 5,532 crayons.  If she threw away 1,268 because they were broken, how many crayons would she have left?

She put 3/4 of the crayons in a box to share with kids who didn’t have any crayons.  How many crayons did she have left then?

Ryan, Eddie and Hayley collected shoes for people who needed them.  They each collected 1,624 pairs of shoes.

How many pairs to shoes did they collect in total?

Half of the shoes were for children and half were for adults.  How many of each type of shoes were there?

Olive went to the beach and collected some shells. She sorted them.  She had 11,054 colorful shell, 21,407 shimmery shells, 16,832 jingle shells and 2,356 twisty shells.

How many shells did she have altogether?

She gave 18,756 of the shells to her friends.  How many shells did she have left?

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