Wednesday Math

Here are some problems you might have fun solving.

Sophia made three huge piles of books.  One had 1,567 short books, another had 2,934 picture books and the last had 3,085 chapter books.

How many books did Sophia have altogether?

She read 2,034 of the books in when she was in  third grade.

How many books were left for her to read in fourth grade?

Liam collected Mighty Beanz.  He had 1,423 Disney character Mighty Beans, 2,057 Marvel Superhero Mighty Beans and 286 Animal Mighty Beanz.

How many Mighty Beanz does Liam have altogether?

Liam got some new Fortnite Mighty Beanz for his birthday.  Now he has 4000 Mighty Beanz altogether. 

How many new mighty beanz did Liam get for his birthday?

Mrs. McComb had 1,750 books on the library cart to put back on the shelves.  She put 639 books on the fiction shelves and 867 books on the nonfiction shelves.

How many books did she still have left on the cart to put away?

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