Scheduling Time for Our Final Portfolio Share

collaboratingDSC00215Our year has flown.  Presently the class is finishing up their final book clubs, working on their habitat displays, preparing their informational writing piece for the class magazine, completing learning reflections and putting their digital portfolios together.  On top of that we are finally learning all the capital cursive letters and working to complete our final round of timed math fact tests.


writingreflectingWe are looking forward to sharing out habitat displays with you when you come into the classroom for your child’s portfolio share.  I have waited to send this note hoping trying to determine how much time the children would need to complete all this work.  It seems that the children will be done with as much as they possibly can by the end of next week.


creatingadmiringThe portfolio shares will happen in the classroom.  Three can happen at a time.  Each will likely take between 20 and 30 minutes though some could be longer. (you know your child) Could you please review the schedule sent home in your child’s folder.  Please mark your first and second choices for attending your child’s portfolio review and send it in as soon as possible.  Please remember that your child will need to be with you to share his or her work.  As always, if none of these times work for you, please let me know and we will make another arrangement.

All the best,

Mrs. Eaves and the hardworking students of 3E

The photographs show some of our work this week in Artists’-Writers Workshop

Work Our Student Photographers Captured

For the last two weeks we have been exploring symmetry and design.  At  first we worked with pattern blocks and then tried to create original symmetrical designs with pasta.  We used snowflakes as our guide…  Class photographers, Joe, Gabby, Trevor, Sam, Noah and Collin captured some of the designs we created, as well as all the other photographs in this post.  Well done – you have great eyes for action and detail!

We’ve also been working on independent research projects.  We’ve been reading, synthesizing, writing and drawing to share our growing understanding and expertise.  We are looking forward to sharing with our families at a classroom museum event in January.  Please be on the lookout for details as we plan and prepare for this event.

Finally, a major portion of our writing work this week has been capturing the stories behind our 3E Wonders. We will use our stories, drawings and photographs to complete the classroom map of North Hampton.  We trust this  work will show our next steps of learning with regard to paragraph writing.  Some students worked in groups of two or three and a few children worked alone to synthesize the information they had gathered about their chosen site.  Perhaps we should publish them so you can go on a self-guided “Wonder” tour.  Would you use one if you had it?  Leave a comment and let us know.

Along with those things we have also done the usual – reading, writing, creating, playing and sharing with each other – mostly in English, but sometimes in Spanish.  You’ll find Señorita Hoy in one of these pictures – we’re talking  about animals.


Have fabulous vacation.  We hope it is happy and joyful.

Happy New Year from 3E! 

A good day

Dear Families,

We had a great day today.  The children sewed, researched, created symmetrical designs, read, wrote and worked on spelling.  They redrafted their “wonders” stories, got library books and were excited to discover why Prue was in danger in Wildwood.

They are looking forward to discovering who their secret friends are and looking forward to sharing their writing and original art.  That pile of presents inside the door is almost unbearable.

We continued our discussion about the habits that lead to success – optimism was the one we talked about today.  We discussed what it meant and imagined how having a positive outlook, not getting down when things are challenging or don’t go right could lead to good things.  We also talked of how hard focusing on the good things can be – your children are are willing to help me overcome my avoidance of and embarrassment about not being able to play basketball.  They have no idea of a trial they have agreed to. (If I say they can bail at anytime – I am not showing very much optimism – but honesty for certain!)

Thank you for being such caring, supportive and wonderful families.  Your children truly feel blessed and 3E is very grateful to have you all helping us to have the best school year possible.