A good day

Dear Families,

We had a great day today.  The children sewed, researched, created symmetrical designs, read, wrote and worked on spelling.  They redrafted their “wonders” stories, got library books and were excited to discover why Prue was in danger in Wildwood.

They are looking forward to discovering who their secret friends are and looking forward to sharing their writing and original art.  That pile of presents inside the door is almost unbearable.

We continued our discussion about the habits that lead to success – optimism was the one we talked about today.  We discussed what it meant and imagined how having a positive outlook, not getting down when things are challenging or don’t go right could lead to good things.  We also talked of how hard focusing on the good things can be – your children are are willing to help me overcome my avoidance of and embarrassment about not being able to play basketball.  They have no idea of a trial they have agreed to. (If I say they can bail at anytime – I am not showing very much optimism – but honesty for certain!)

Thank you for being such caring, supportive and wonderful families.  Your children truly feel blessed and 3E is very grateful to have you all helping us to have the best school year possible.

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