Chapter 34 of Winterhouse


What do you think Norbridge will do?  What do you think Selena will do?  What do you think Marcus will do?  What do you think Elizabeth will do when she gets to Winter Hall?  What will she find there?  Norbridge told her to stay in his room until he came to get her, but didn’t stay.  What will happen?  Leave your thoughts and predictions in the comments section.

10 thoughts on “Chapter 34 of Winterhouse

  1. I have not listened yet but I saw the word ladder and I think she finds the key word to the painting!

    • Hi Edward, That’s a really great inference. What until to listen and find out. I can’t wait to read the next chapter to see what is going to happen – I don’t remember the details so I am looking forward to finding out.
      👍🏻 Mrs Eaves

  2. I think Elizabeth is going to find the key word for the painting , and I think she’s going to tell Norbridge that she has the same necklace as the girl in a painting.

    • Hi Anna, Thanks for sharing your predictions. Are you thinking or wondering anything else?
      take care,
      💕 Mrs. Eaves

  3. I think Norbridge will find out about GraceElla. Serena will find out about her too. I think Elizabeth will find the book at Winter Hall. I think Norbridge will get mad.

    • Really great predictions. I can tell you are really thinking of all you know about the story.
      📖 Mrs. Eaves

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