Chapter 34 of Winterhouse


What do you think Norbridge will do?  What do you think Selena will do?  What do you think Marcus will do?  What do you think Elizabeth will do when she gets to Winter Hall?  What will she find there?  Norbridge told her to stay in his room until he came to get her, but didn’t stay.  What will happen?  Leave your thoughts and predictions in the comments section.

Our Day – Monday, March 23 – Day 4

Have I told you how proud I am of you!  You are doing some wonderful work.

Morning Work – Start off your learning day by completing your weather graph, noting the temperature on the section of the graph you color in and the type of cloud you see.  Use the symbols on the cloud finder.

Then check out each others blogs and leave a comment or two.  Piper added part two to Area 51.  Landon, Elena, Edward, Sophie and Justin used the prompts to write about the seasons.  Edward has also written acrostic poems and several reviews. He has done A LOT of writing. Brady made a post about the weather video on his blog.  May wrote about her Leprechaun trap and Vera created a post about sloths.  Many of you left comments on the post about the weather video and on each other’s posts.  Those are interesting to read too.  Did you know you can comment on a comment and get a little conversation going?  Thanks for writing and staying connected.🙂🙌🏼💕You are the best!

Art – Click on terrific projects to find what Mrs. Nardone has for you to explore in Art today.  She’d love to see your work, so send her a picture if you can.  If you explore the art gallery (upper right) Mrs. Nardone is creating, you can already find artwork by Brady, May, Anna, Max and Mrs. Douglas (I think!).  If you check out Martha’s Gallery you’ll find some teachers’ pets. 🐶🐱. Have fun creating.

Take a break, get a snack and move around.  If you’d like here are a couple different Go Noodle videos here and here.

Morning Meeting – This is where we’ll talk about Fall, the last season for us to consider.  Think about its special features.  Choose your topic from the prompts below and write for at least 10 minutes without stopping.  Write using as many of the elaboration strategies as you can.  Use details like when, where, how and why, add descriptive adjectives, use dialogue, make sure there is action and add in some inner thought.  Don’t forget capitals and punctuation.

These poems are from Autumblings by Douglas Florian.  I hope they inspire you.  (I used the app ChatterKid to make them talk to you.)

After you listen to the poems, here are some prompts.

  • Make your own list of things you love about fall – the pros.  Make a second list of the things you hate about fall – the cons.
  • Write about your ideal fall day. What does it include?
  • What is your favorite fall memory?  Tell the story about that one time.
  • What are your family’s Halloween or Thanksgiving traditions?
  • What is your favorite summer fall sport?  What makes it exciting to you?
  • What is your favorite thing to do outside during fall?  What makes it so special for you?
  • Or any other topic you’d like to write about today.

Reading – Find a nice quiet place to read and enjoy at least 30 minutes with a great book.  If you’re wishing for some new book/reading options you can find some fabulous picture book recordings at Storyline Online and recorded books here at Audible. The Elementary selections look great.  Enjoy!

When you finish reading for the day – leave a comment below telling who your favorite character is and using the anchor chart and the to choose between 5 and 10 traits that fit your character.  Try to choose some physical traits and some personality traits.

Here’s another anchor chart to help you understand more about character traits and a list of character trait possibilities – both desirable traits and some you’d hope not to have (but all characters are nice).










Take a break, go outside and have some lunch.

Science -Reading-Writing and Art –  On Friday Hayley LaPoint ended her presentation with “storms” and they are an interesting and exciting part of weather.  I thought we might like to spend some time learning about Extreme Weather.  I’ve organize this like Shared Reading.  Here’s a new poem and the Go Noodle song about the water cycle

LIFE CYCLE                                                     Here’s a link to the the Water Cycle Song.

     by Charles Ghigna

The stream


the river


the root                                                Here’s a link to a short Mystery Doug

becomes                                               Why are tornadoes so hard to predict?

the tree


the sky                                                  After, click to listen to  Tornadoes.

becomes                                                Expand it to fill the screen..

the cloud


the rain


the stream.

Hopefully you’re becoming a tornado expert.  Here’s the last link.  Hayley LaPoint in a one minute video telling what a tornado is and what to do if there is a tornado warning.

Now that you’ve learned lots about tornadoes take some time to write a poem, an informational piece or a narrative story that features a tornado.  Add an original piece of artwork (if you’re not sure what to draw – go back and look that the pages in Gail Gibbon’s book for inspiration) and we’d love it if you’d post them both on your blog so we can all see each other’s work.

Math – Choose another one of the worksheets sent home for math warm up (if you have any left).  This link is to page of division story problems.  Remember, if you’re trying to do the  division get some pennies, Legos or pasta so you can count out the the large group and then divide it up.  For example if you’re trying to solve 35 ÷ 7 = ___ Count out 35 things.  Divide them into groups of 7 and find out how many groups you have.  It also works to sort the 35 things  into 7 equal groups and find out how many  are in each group.

Next, here are today’s problems to choose from.  See if there are two that feel like just right challenges.   You can solve them in your journal or on a piece of paper.  It would be helpful to put the color and the date the problem was posted.  Thank you.

There were 5 bowls of apples.  Each bowl had of 120 apples in it.  How many apples were there altogether?

384 of the apples were so bruised they had to be thrown away.

How many apples were left?

A class of 18 students started planting seeds. They opened three different seed packets.  Each student put three seeds in a cup.

There were still more seeds left over so they planted those in groups of three as well.  They were planted eight extra cups.

How many seeds were there in the three packages altogether?

May had three huge bins of Lego.  One had 3,987 long bricks in it. Another had 1,426 medium bricks in it and the last had 2,693 small bricks in it.

How many Lego bricks did May have to build with altogether?

She used 4,763 of the bricks to build a fairy village in her yard.

How many Lego bricks were left for other projects?

Estella has 5,532 crayons.  If she threw away 1,248 because they were small and broken, how many crayons would she have left?

She divided them into four equal groups put 3/4 of the crayons in a box to share with kids who didn’t have any.  How many crayons did she have left then?

Javey bought 14 cans of food for his dog, Blue.   Blue ate two cans each day.  How many days did cans of dog food last?

If each can of food cost $1.25, how much money did Javey spend when he bought the food?

Van had three bins of Lego.  One had 167 long bricks in it. Another had 234 medium bricks in it and the last had 203 small bricks in it.

How many Lego bricks did Van have to build with altogether?

He used 227 of the bricks to build a house.

How many Lego bricks were left for other projects?

There are some really great games for practicing math facts here at ABCDya.  I especially like Math Bingo.  If you find something you especially like, leave it in a comment so other kids can know it is a good one to play too.  I sent the access name and access code to your parents in an email yesterday.  Log in and have fun!

Chapter Read Aloud – I’ll put Chapters 33 and 34 on separate posts.  They are short, but exciting chapters.

Finally, the last part of our day is Technology.  You’ll find the lessons Mrs. Herlihy left here at this link and you’ll get to see her baby too.

I hope you had a fabulous Monday.  I’ll be looking for your work.  I can’t wait to “hear” from you.  Comment and post often!

Take care,

❤️ Mrs. Eaves