The First Day of Our New Adventure

Good Morning.  I’m so sorry to not be saying this to you in person.  I can’t wait until I can do that again.  In the meantime, if you have questions, send them in a comment or ask mom or dad to send me an email.   I hope you’ll save all of your work during this remote learning time so I can look at everything when we are able to come back to our classroom.

I am thinking of you every second!  I can’t wait to be with you again.

Here is Our Day, March 18.

In the packet you received yesterday you should find a cloud finder (if you lost yours and need to make another) and a weather graph.  While we are learning about weather, let’s keep track of it each day just like we do at morning meeting.   It’s your job to be the weather person each day.  When you color in the weather on the graph, please write the temperature at your house on that square.  I wonder if the temperature will be the same everywhere in North Hampton.

Reading – Find a nice quiet place to read and enjoy at least 30 minutes with a great book.  When you finish reading for the day – leave a comment below telling the title of the book you read, the name of the main character and at least a sentence to describe his or her special traits.

Here’s an example of what I mean.  I read Santa Bruce by Ryan T. Higgins.  The main character is Bruce.  He is grumpy.  He likes to be alone where it is quiet and he is a good cook.

Here’s another example.  I am reading Winterhouse by Ben Guterson.  One of the main characters is Elizabeth.  She loves reading and word puzzles.  She is feeling guilty because she has not told Freddy the truth about “the book.”  She is afraid she may have awakened Gracella.

Writing – Last week we each chose our favorite season and wrote them on a post-it to put on the easel.  Little did you know, this was the first step in a new writing project.  The writing you do during the next few weeks will help us learn more about persuasive writing – something we haven’t talked  about yet.  Here is a picture of that season post-it collection.

For the next few days our quick write suggestions are about the seasons.  I started with Winter.  Choose your topic from the prompts below and write for at least 10 minutes without stopping.  Write with as many of the elaboration strategies as you can.  Use details like when, where, how and why, add descriptive adjectives, use dialogue, make sure there is action and add in some inner thought.  Don’t forget capitals and punctuation.   These poems are from Winter Eyes by Douglas Florian.  Hopefully they will get you in a winter frame of mind.

  •  Make your own list of the things you love about winter – the pros. Make a second list of the things you hate about winter – the cons.
  • Write about your favorite winter sport, what it is and how it makes you feel.
  • Winter is unique because…
  • When it snows I like to ___________
  • How to win a snowball fight
  • If I lived on an icicle…
  • Or any other topic you’d like to write about today.

You can do your writing in the journal we sent home or you can write is as a blog post.  If you do that, we can all read it – it will be a little like writing share.

Science – Take another movement, game or art break before you begin the Mystery Science video.  This is the third mystery – use what you learned about clouds and about predicting storms in the first two.  We are learning about Climate, Geography and Global Weather Patterns.  In this Mystery, you will be introduced to the concept of “climate” and explore the world’s five major climates.  For today, just watch the video. You can do that by clicking on the blue video link.

Math – Choose one of the worksheets sent home yesterday to use as a math warm up.  Here are today’s problems.  See if there are two that feel like just right challenges.   If you can solve the problem in just a minute or two, it’s too easy.  If you don’t know how to begin it’s too hard.

Brady made three huge piles of books.  One had 167 short books, another had 234 picture books and the last had 85 chapter books.

How many books did Brady have altogether?

He read 364 of the books in when he was in second and third grade.

How many books were left to read in fourth grade?

Katherine and Landon went skiing.  They kept track of the people they saw.

They saw 21,265 people skiing.  They saw 1,675 people snowboarding.  And they saw 13,072 people in the pool and hot tubs.

How many people did they see altogether?

26,849 of the people the saw were men and boys. The rest were women and girls.

How many women and girls did Katherine and Landon see while skiing?

May collected stickers.  She had 1,423 Muppet stickers, 2,057 Hydro-flask stickers and 286 Animal stickers.

How many stickers did May have altogether?

May got some new Rainbow and Space stickers for her birthday.  Now she has 4000 stickers altogether. 

How many new stickers did May get for her birthday?

The class was reading Winterhouse. They were on page 276.  There were 400 pages in the book. 

How many pages were left to read?

It takes 2 minutes to read a page aloud. How many minutes will it take the class to finish reading the book?

How many hours and minutes is that?

Estella collected figures of dogs.  She had 423 white and brown dogs, 156 black and brown dogs and 168 tan dogs.

How many dog figures did Estella collect altogether?

Estella wanted to collect 1,000 dog figures.  How many more does she need to meet her goal?

Javey started playing basketball at 9:30 in the morning.  He played for 2 hours and 15 minutes.

What time was it when Javey went inside for a snack?

Javey took 20 minutes to eat his snack before he went outside to practice dribbling the ball. 

What time was it when he went back outside to practice dribbling?

You can do the math work in the journal that was sent home, or in whatever way is easiest for you. You can leave your math work in a comment, take a picture of  your math work and post it or save it for when we are able to be together again.

Social Studies  –  At the end of the day, I hope you’ll have some time to work on your Country Inquiry.  Please stay true to the note-taking skills we’ve been learning and don’t copy – always use your own words.  You can find your assignment and notes in the blue folder so you are sure of what parts need to be worked on.  Whatever pages you had given me are in your folders.

Finally Mrs. McComb sent this message from the Library.

Grade 3
Please join the Library Class for Grade 3 in Google Classroom
When you are on your Google Classroom main page that lists your different classes, click the plus sign in the upper right hand corner. Then choose Join Class.
Your class code is vxmwd37
Thanks for all your time and effort.  I feel blessed to working with such a thoughtful, resilient and dedicated class.  You are the best!
Mrs. Eaves