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I’ve been thinking about characters a lot this week ~ how to authors create characters we love?  How did Betty Birney think of Humphrey and Og – what inspired her to give them the traits we love?  How Ben Guterson think of Winterhouse with Norbridge Falls, Elizabeth Somers, Leona Springer and Freddy Knox – lovers all of words, puzzles, magic and wonder?

Here is a collection of quick write ideas that might inspire you to create fabulous characters.  If something tickles your brain, it would be lots of fun to read your writing in a comment, or on your blog.

You find a time machine.  Where would you go and why?

Imagine you are a big majesty lion living in a zoo.  How do you feel being surround by people all the time?  What do you do because of those feelings?

What is a typical day for a mermaid?  What happens one day that is extraordinary?

What would you do if you have a triceratops for a pet?  How did you get it?  How will you keep it?

Your cat gets stuck on the roof.  Why?  How will you get him down?

A kid (it could be you ~ or not) gets to be invisible for one day.  Tell the story of what happens – good or bad.

What would you and your pet talk about, if they could talk?

Other ~ what’s a topic you’d enjoy writing about?

Have fun! Happy Writing!

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  1. Hello Mrs. Eaves,
    I am a fellow primary school teacher and currently teach second grade. I came across your student classroom blog and wanted to comment on how wonderful it is! Your blog is extremely organized and provides valuable activites and resources for your third graders. Your students must love using technology and applying their learning through blogging. I reviewed your classroom blog on my educational blog if you would like to check it out!
    Great work!
    Devon Hamilton


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