Here Are This Week’s Blog Prompts

We are about to begin a study of maps and different places in the world. This week’s prompts are designed to help us think about where we’ve already traveled and places we’d like to learn more about.

This is also a chance to practice using elaboration strategies so the blog posts will dazzle and shine.

  • What is the best vacation you’ve ever been on? Who were you with, where did you travel to, what were some of the sights you saw?  Write down all the details you can remember.
  • What place in the world are you most curious about? What do you know about that place already?  What would you like to discover?
  • What is you most memorable travel/vacation experience? Use lots of details and try to remember all the emotions you had at the time.
  • Imagine a story of a time you are in a new country for the first time.You don’t speak the language very well, but you meet someone who is kindly willing to help you explore. Where do you go?  What do you see?  How do you feel?
  • Other…

…be creative and blog on!

Check our posts to see what we chose.