It’s Friday – here’s someplace fun to go!

museum adI’m excited.  I saw this ad in the newspaper and now I’m going to see Sue tomorrow.  She is the largest and best preserved T-Rex dinosaur fossil in the world.  She is usually housed in Chicago, but is just over the New Hampshire border in Norwich, VT. for a few weeks.  She made me think of Jake from this year and Trevor from last – two dinosaur lovers that I hope will be able to visit the exhibit too.

I’ll post more about it when I return.  I am hoping for pictures and more information.  I’m thinking I might be able to make a paper bag scrapbook.  We’ll see.

What kinds of things have you seen or done during your vacation?  Leave a comment to let us know where you recommend we visit or things you think we should be on the lookout for.  Have fun this Friday and every day!