It’s Wednesday – here are some problems to solve

numbersThere are 265 boys at the summer camp and 176 girls.  How children are at the summer camp?  How many more boys than girls are there at the summer camp?

Lily read 75 pages of her book on Tuesday.  She finished her book on Wednesday.  If the book had 144 pages altogether, how many pages did Lily read on Wednesday?

Grandfather gave rare coins to his grandchildren for their birthdays.  He gave them 7 coins.  If grandfather had 5 grand children, how many rare coins did he give in all?

There were 7 boxes of notecards in the cupboard.  Each box has 4 notes left in them.  How many notecards were there altogether in the cupboard?

Please explain how you solved the problem in your comment.  It would add more math fun if you left us a new problem to solve too.

Happy Mathing!