It’s Wednesday – here are some problems to solve

numbersCameron picked three apples from her tree every day for seven days.  How many apples did Cameron pick in those seven days?  Cameron decided to pick three apples every day for three more days.  What is the total number of apples Cameron picked?

Jordan bought some bottles of juice.  Each bottle costs $2.  How much money will Jordan spend if he buys three bottles?  Jordan paid for the juice with a $20 dollar bill.  How much change will he get in return?

Juliana organized her sticker collection.  She arranged them on each page in 3 rows of 4.  She has 7 pages in her collection.    How many stickers were on each page of her collection?  How many stickers did Juliana have in her collection all together?

2 thoughts on “It’s Wednesday – here are some problems to solve

  1. Hello, Its Ella Brown. Even know im going into 5th grade I still read your posts. I am really happy with my class and everything i hope that you have a good year. I am Reading lots of books lately such as….. The fault in our stars,Hunger games, Twilight, ect. I also really hope that you have a good day!

    from, Ella Brown.

    • Hi Ella,
      Thanks for your note. Who is your 5th grade teacher? What friends are in our class? You’ve been reading a lot this summer. Make sure you check our Absolutely Almost by Lisa Graff and One for the Murphy’s if you didn’t read that Great Stone Face Last year. You’re sure to love them both.

      I hope you have a fabulous year! Thanks for staying connected. I does make my heart sing.
      🙂 Mrs. Eaves

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