📚New Book Club Choices ~ Want To Join? 😃

Two of our mystery book clubs finished this week. Some of you wanted to keep up our book club conversations.  If this is something you’d like to do, here are the new book choices.

We’ll likely finish the books by the end of June. If you start and realize you have other important plans that’s okay.

Here are the new book club choices.   Please put your first  and second choices in a comment by the end of Friday.  If the groups seem to work out, I’ll deliver the books to  you.  Let’s see how this goes.

Preview the choices.  You can see the front and back cover of each book and two pages from a random place in the book. Read them and see if it feels like a good fit.  I’ve got between 4 to 6 copies of each book,  so you all should be able to get a top choice.  Thanks,!  It’ll be fun to get these new book clubs started!  📚😃

My Side of the Mountain ~ 177 pages. A survival story set in the 1940’s










Dexter the Tough ~ 141 9ages Realistic Fiction.












The Mystery of the Stolen Statue ~ 67 pages A Mystery












Hachiko Waits ~ 90 page Set in Japan and based on a true story











Grand Canyon Grab ~ 136 pages A mystery featuring Ruth Rose, Josh and Dink












Riding Freedom ~ 134 pages Set in the 1800’s and based on the real-life story of Charlotte Parkhurst, also known as One-Eye Charlie.











Happy Reading! 📚