A Summary of Our Week

🌎☀️🍃This week we re-explored the continents by viewing National Geographic Destination World videos for each continent.  After reminding ourselves of all we have to be grateful for, we began to review and think more about our 6-step social problem solving process.💗

👊🏻You completed the Forces and Motion checkpoint at the conclusion of our investigation of Invisible Forces.  Kids who listened to most of  the books and viewed most of the videos did well.  Thanks to those who used their own time to complete the bridge projects.  Projects do take extra time.🙌🏼🎢

Kami Export – Finding-Shapes-In-Bridges-1  5.19 LM You continued to name and label polygons and quadrilaterals.  You completed a checkpoint to assess your understanding of aspect of geography.  Some of you were able to experiment with shape and wind resistance by completing the Polygon Parachute challenge.

🇺🇸🥳We began reading about the regions of the United States and are looking forward to a mini-research project about a favorite state.

📚Our mystery book clubs are winding down and some new clubs are starting.  So far five kids have chosen new books to read.  If you think you’d like to join a club for the last weeks of school, and a couple beyond please leave your choices in a comment on the May 22nd Book Club Blog Post.📖

✏️You’ve been writing so many different pieces of writing ~ giving colors voice, creating original mysteries, teaching other about games: either directions or cheats, writing science fiction, creating dialogue, personal narrative and interacting with siblings through writing.📝

It is pretty amazing to look back on our blog and see all you’ve done in the last 11 weeks.  You are rock stars.🤩🎸🥁  I mean that sincerely.  No 8 and 9 year-olds have done more than you have.  I am proud of you!

💗👊🏻😀 Mrs. Eaves

Links With Information About Each State

Our country is an amazing place – mountains, prairies, deserts, lakes, rivers and beaches too. There are plants and animals that only live in the United States and nowhere else on Earth.  It is full of incredible historical sites, monuments, museums and quirky landmarks.  It is also full of people ~ creative and innovative scientists, artists, inventors, authors, and much more.

Once you select your TOP state, begin exploring.  These sites have information, videos and pictures so you can imagine what it might be like to vacation or live top-choice state.  In this assignment you’ll be uncovering wonders from your state and convincing us that is the Number 1 place in our country to visit!

Research to find at least 1 “wonder” in each of the following categories:

  • a Natural Wonder (something created by nature – waterfall, lake, canyon, mountain…)
  • a Man-Made Wonder (something made by people – a building, bridge, museum…)
  • a Historical Wonder (an important piece of history from your state)
  • a State Hero (a famous person who was born, grew up in or lives in your state now)
  • and State Symbol you think is most important to your state.

Explore the States at National Geographic Kids. This site has good information AND great photographs.  You can learn Fast Facts, history, how your state got its name, about the landforms and geography and wildlife.  You’ll feel as if you’ve traveled to parts of your state after you explore this site.

In the videos  found in 50 Birds, 50 States.  You can see and hear about some things these authors think are standouts from each state.

Culture Grams – State Edition has lots of information about each state.  Make sure to open the links listed on the lefthand side.  You can find recipes, sports teams and great places to visit on this site.  It will read to you which is helpful with some of the tricky names and places.  Ask your parents for the user name and password.

All states have symbols.  Citizens of each state petition their legislators to pass laws naming different things as important to their states.  States have flags, mottos, flowers and trees that are important to them.  Some states have dances, songs, amphibians, minerals and even drinks.  You can find out all about your state’s symbols at State Symbols USA.  Some states have a lot, while others only have a few.  Explore this site to see what people in your state chose.

In Truflix – My United States there is a site and book about each state.  Explore all the links on the left.  Once you get into the main part of the text, the book will read to you if you find that helpful.  Ask your parents for the user name and password.

Ducksters and Fact Monster also have pages of information for each state.

If you explore these  sites thoroughly you’ll know a LOT about your state and won’t have any trouble at all convincing us that we must plan to visit your state on our next vacation there.