Our Day ~ Wednesday, May 20

Good Morning! Two of the book clubs are going to finish this week.  Some kids would like to keep meeting even if we don’t finish the book together.  I will put together another post and if you’d like to start a new book, make your choice and I’ll deliver it on Saturday so we can have as much time together as possible.

Morning Work – I’m concerned that you might be losing enthusiasm for our morning gratitude practice.  Check out these videos: Destination World ~ Australia and Destination World ~Antarctica .  After you watch them, what can you add to your Gratitude Jar today?🌏 💐💗

Please take some time to read each others blogs and leave a comment or two.  Thanks for staying connected!🙌🏼🌎🌳

Morning Meeting is connected to the morals you wrote last week for the Leo Lionni books. This week we’ll read books celebrating you and the positive strategies you have for dealing with problems.

Today listen to Only One You and Howard B.  Wigglebottom Learns about Sportsmanship.

What are some productive steps you can take when you’re feeling uncomfortable with what is happening with the group you’re in ~ whether it’s in the classroom, at home, in a game, with friends…

Complete the third part this week-long Problem Solving Wednesday here or in Google Classroom.

Take a break, get a snack and move around.  If you’d like, here are two Go Noodle videos: move to Jump and learn with How to Say Hello in 15 Different Language.

Social Studies and Reading

We’ll spend the last 2 and a half weeks of school exploring the United States.  Before you listen to any of the books, take a few minutes to complete these worksheets.  They will be our starting point and we’ll see what you learn from here. You can find them here: How Many States Can You Name? and How Many States Can You Label on the Map? or in Google Classroom.  Please find some way to share them with me – email, uploaded photograph… thank you.

Shared Reading ~ We’ll start by learning about our country’s regions.

Listen to Wow! America!  and What Are the U.S. Regions?

Leave a comment below telling which region sounds most interesting to you right now and why.

Take a break, go outside, run around, sing,  play a game, make some art.

Independent ReadingKeep reading each and every day! Find a nice quiet place to read and enjoy at least 30 minutes with a great book.  If you’re wishing for some new book/reading options you can find some fabulous picture book recordings at Storyline Online and recorded books here at Audible. The Elementary selections look great.  Enjoy!

At the end of reading, choose two or three things from the Book Talk Questions grid when you leave a comment about what you read today on the blog.

Go outside, have some lunch, play a game, practice your recorder.  Relax.

📝Writer’s Workshop  – If you’ve got a writing project to finish, please work on that.  That’s your writing for today. Work on it 20 minutes or so.

If you’re ready for a new writing idea, here are today’s Quick Writes✏️:

Please don’t just answer all the questions.  That’s not the point of a quick write.  Please take time to develop your ideas and think a bit differently.  Here are the “would you rather” ideas for today ~ it might help you to write a more organized and logical piece if you begin with some planning.  Once you’ve chosen a question, make a pros and cons list to get your ideas flowing and see what kind of paragraphs, essay, play, poem… you write. Be awesome!

  • Would you rather be a famous inventor or a famous writer?
  • Would you rather see a firework display or a circus performance?
  • Would you rather be able to create a new holiday or create a new sport?
  • Would you rather be the author of a popular book or a musician in a band who released a popular album?
  • Would you rather meet your favorite celebrity or be on a TV show?
  • Other ~ whatever topic you’re interested in writing about.

Read the prompts, think for a minute or so, choose a topic and write for a full 10 minutes without stopping.  At the end of 10 minutes you choose – are you done, do you have a different idea, do you want to keep going.  It would be fun to see some of your writing on your blog this week.

◼️⏢▰▭ Math – We’ve done quite a bit of work with polygons over the last few weeks.  Please complete the Polygon Quadrilateral Checkpoint 1 and the Polygon and Quadrilateral Checkpoint 2 today.  Please find a way to share them with me.  Thank you.

Next, here are today’s problems to choose from.  See if there are two that feel like just right challenges.   You can solve them in your journal or on a piece of paper.  It would be most helpful to put the color and the date the problem was posted.  Thanks!

Vera had 8 brownies that she wanted to share equally with five of her friends. (Vera and five friends make a total of six people sharing.) When she was done – everyone had the same amount and there were no parts of the brownies left over

How did Vera cut up and share the brownies?  What portion did each person have?

Holden has read 147 pages.  The book had 403 pages altogether.  How many pages does Holden have left to read? 

If Holden reads 30 pages a day, how many days will it take him to finish the book? 

Edward was looking for sports books in the library.  There were 8 shelves of sports books.  Each shelf had 14 books on it.  How many sports books did Edward find in the library altogether?

Edward chose three about baseball.  One had 203 pages.  One had 186 pages and the last one had 197 pages.   When Edward finished the three books, how may pages had he read?

Brady sorted Pokemon cards.  He had three piles.  One had 78 character cards, another had 138 energy cards and the last had 85 trainer cards in it.

How many Pokemon cards did Brady altogether?

Brady went shopping and got 32 “GX” and 61 “EX” cards.  How many cards does he have now?

Landon measured 7 parking spaces.  They were 28 feet wide altogether.  What is the width of 3 parking spaces?

May has 850 crayons.  Estella has 339 crayons.  How many more crayons does May have than Estella?

Landin has 258 more crayons than Estella has.  How many crayons does Landin have?

If May, Estella and Landin put all their crayons together, how many crayons will that be?

If you’ve worked through that, it’s definitely time for a game here at ABCya. Find a way to keep practicing your math facts in all four operations.

UA’s for today…

Spanish ~ I know Señora Murphy has posted some new lessons for you to explore.

Library ~ there are lots of great resources there.

☀️I hope you had a wonderful day. 🍃 Thank you for sharing your thoughts, putting forth your best effort for every thing you do!📚📝🔢🏎🌎

❤️🧡💛You are wonderful!💚💙💜

💝Mrs. Eaves

24 thoughts on “Our Day ~ Wednesday, May 20

    • Hi Katherine,
      What project do you mean? The checkpoint? Thanks for letting me know. Using resources and checking to be sure is a good thing.
      Mrs. Eaves
      PS ~ I haven’t posted your “I Don’t Know What To Do” writing from yesterday because I want to be sure that the sentence about asking Siri about Dick’s Broncos was really what you meant. Let me know.

        • Hi Katherine,
          I would prefer that you not. I’m hoping the first map will be what you know off the top of your head not what you can look at and copy. I hope that by the end of the next few day, you’ll know more than today.
          Thanks for checking.
          Mrs. Eaves

  1. The saying that spoke to me is ‘when things get hectic focus on being calm’ and I can relate.


    P.S I would have you come to my house anytime even if we were not delivering a book! :]

    • 👋🏻 Hi Sophie,
      It was so nice to see you yesterday. Thank you. That is an important lesson to learn. I can use it every day! It drives me crazy when I can’t just be with kids and help them. Remote learning is okay, but it doesn’t work easily at all – especially when there are glitches or I make mistakes.
      💐Mrs. Eaves

  2. I liked “There is only one you, make it a better place!” I also liked “Winning isn’t everything and sportsmanship is more important!” 🙂

    • Hi Brady,
      Thanks for sharing what you think was important in those books. I am glad you were able to find time to watch them.
      Thanks for all your time and effort!
      👊🏻Mrs. Eaves

  3. I read half of Matilda by Roald Dahl. Matilda has mean parents. They call her a twit but she is very smart. She is five and knows all the times tables and can read books for grownups!!! He parents did not teach her though. Matilda taught herself. Her teacher is amazed at how good she can read, write and do math. Her principal is so mean like her parents too.

    – May 🙂

    • Hi May
      I am so glad you are reading and enjoying this book. Have you gotten to the part about the chokey ~ I think that is what it is called. When you finish reading it, see if your family can get the movie. It is good too.
      Thanks for sharing your reading!
      📚Mrs. Eaves

  4. I think the North East like Maine. I have had so many friends who have a house up in Maine and there are lakes and hikes it just sounds like a lot of memories waiting to happen!


  5. I read Junie B Jones is not a crook Find Barbara park
    In the book do you need me Jones just got new black free mittens. Her grandpa Miller got them for her for no good reason. She showed her best friends the new mittens named Grace and Lucille. The teacher told her to put away the mittens but she said that she was going to keep them on all day. She didn’t listen to the teacher and started showing her classmates her new mittens. The teacher told her to put away the mittens but she said that she was going to keep them on all day. She didn’t listen to the teacher and started showing her classmates her new mittens. she got her mittens taken away.

    • Hi Elena,
      Thanks for sharing your reading. I am wondering if she is going to get into trouble or get sent from the classroom. Would you like having Junie as part of our class?
      📚Mrs. Eaves

  6. Today I read Harry Potter. Harry was practicing spells for the 3rd task. Hermione went a little crazy. Harry thought about Nevles parents ( who are at a hospital for crazy people and that is why he lives with his grandma, when he vists them they don’t even know who he is.) Next morning there was a artical about Harry and how he could be dangerous! Then McGonnalg came over and told him after breakfast all the champions families are in a room and guess who was there for him… The Weasleys! Persy and Charlie couldn’t make it but Bill was there! Harry was giving them a look at every thing. Harry was enjoying himself a lot!

    • Hi Sophie,
      Thanks for sharing your reading. That is a great part in the book. At first he didn’t think there was a reason to go, but The Weasleys really made his day!
      They are lucky to have each other – Harry and Ron.
      📚Mrs. Eaves

  7. I want to go to the Southwest because it has Grand Canyon and Texas. I want to go to visit both places. I have never been anywhere in the Southwest.

    • Thanks for sharing the region that seems most interesting to you. There are some amazing and beautiful things to see in the Southwest. I hope you are able to go see them. The Grand Canyon is on my bucket list for sure!
      🇺🇸 Mrs. Eaves

  8. New England sounds the most interesting because I live there and I want to explore a little bit more. Also, most of my family lives in New England.

    • Hi Justin,
      Thanks for sharing the region that seems most interesting to you. There are some amazing and beautiful things to see New England. Even though I have lived here my whole life there are so many more things I want to see. Breakers Mansion in Rhode Island, along with the Green Animals Garden and going to visit the puffins off the coast of Maine are high on my list of things to see and learn about.
      There are so many cool things to see and learn about.
      🇺🇸Mrs. Eaves

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