Our Day – Monday, May 4

Good Morning! I hope you had a great weekend.  It was fun to glimpse many of you in Brady’s birthday parade.  Thank you!

I’m thinking our graphs are too full to continue on with them, but maybe some of you will make your own and continue.  My grandfather was a horticulturist (tree and plant grower) and he kept a daily record of the high and low temperature, the cloud cover and amount of precipitation every day from 1924 to 1985.  He graphed the weather patterns of each year and each decade.  It is really cool to read his journals.  You could be starting a record like that now.  🌧🌨☀️

Morning Work – Let’s start off your learning day by picking up your gratitude rock and thinking of something new to add to your Gratitude Jar.  I don’t know if you are keeping up with this practice, but I hope so.  Taking a moment to count our blessings helps us feel happier.

Before you get started with your own work, take some time to read your classmates’ blogs and leave a comment or two. Your comments are compliments your classmates need.   Let them know you care.  ☀️😎🌞 Thanks for staying connected!

Morning Meeting–  Today we’ll read After the Fall.  Think about how having courage helped Humpty Dumpty experience something new.  We can help each other become more courageous when we offer our support.  Choose one of these sentence stems written by Dan Rockwell:

  • I appreciate …
  • I notice…
  • You’re great at…

Use it to leave Humpty Dumpty an encouraging compliment in the comments.  It might seem odd to compliment a book character, but practice makes progress.  I hope with practice, our habit of encouraging our family and friends will grow and grow.

Take a break, get a snack and move around.  If you’d like, here are two Go Noodle videos: Wishy Washy Washer Woman  and Melting. One is for moving, the other for focus and reflection.

Science and Reading

Here are the riddle answers from Thursday: #1.the temperature ,#2. the President , and #3.9 blocks .

Shared Reading –  We are shifting our reading focus from mysteries to a science topic: force and motion.  Today we’ll explore the basic concepts of position, motion, pushes and pulls and friction.  If it seems too easy, stick with it.  We are building the foundation for everyone.

Let’s read some poems together again.

Push Power by Janet Wong

I pull with my hands.                       Open the link to this BrainPop Jr

My wagon is stuck.                            about Pushes and Pulls.

I push harder with legs.                   When you finish watching,

This time I’m in luck.                         complete the Pushes and Pulls 

My wagon gets out.                            worksheet.

of the mud                                                 You can send it in an email, or 

but –                                                           post your answers on your blog.


It zooms

down the hill

straight into the lake!

Thank you, Isaac Newton by Eileen Spinelli

My bookshelf fall upon the bed.

Harry Potter bonks my head.

Spaghetti slips – splat- to the floor.

Clean-up is a messy chore.

Orange juice spills.  Socks slide down.

Hail stones ping all over town.

Acorns plunk – ouch! – from a tree.

Oh, the joys of gravity!

Take a break, go outside, run around, sing,  play a game, make some art.

Independent ReadingKeep reading each and every day!  Find a nice quiet place to read and enjoy at least 30 minutes with a great book.  If you’re wishing for some new book/reading options you can find some fabulous picture book recordings at Storyline Online and recorded books here at Audible. The Elementary selections still look great.  I am hopeful that Mrs. McCombs will meet with us on Zoom soon to teach more about what the Library has to offer.  Enjoy a great book today! (If you’re feeling like you need some new books, let me know.  I might be able to help you out!)

At the end of reading, choose two or three things from the Book Talk Questions grid when you leave a comment about what you read today on the blog.

Go outside, have some lunch, play a game, practice your recorder.  Relax.

Writer’s Workshop  Over the next several days we will use the planning and mapping we did last week,  to guide us as we write our mysteries .  You’ve got great plans and you’re ready to begin.  Today there are directions for writing your lead.   To remind yourself what that is,  read this chart before you begin.
There are:

  • Snapshot leads that paint a picture,
  • Dialogue leads where conversation opens the writing,
  • Question leads that pique your interest through questions and
  • Onomatopoeia leads that open with sounds.

Go to our Google Classroom and look for the assignment: 1. Writing a Mystery ~ the beginning.

If you’d like to do more writing and you need a new idea, here are today’s Quick Writes:

  • Write about a perfect spring day.  Include details about the weather, where you would g and what you would do.
  • Create the top 10 list of favorite spring activities.
  • What’s the difference between spring and summer?  List as many differences as you can.
  • Pretend that you are in charge of planning a spring picnic for your family.  Plan the menu and tell about the games and activities that will be there.
  • or any other topic you’re interested in writing about.

Read the prompts, think for a minute or so, choose a topic and write for a full 10 minutes without stopping.  At the end of 10 minutes you choose – are you done, do you have a different idea, do you want to keep going.  It would be fun to see some of your writing on your blog this week.

MathLast week we began studying geometry. We are learning how to describe the attributes of each shape.   Are the sides parallel or not?  Are the sides
all equal?  Are opposite sides equal?   We learned  to mark what we see.

rhombus has four equal sides.  This is how a mathematician would label the sides of a rhombus.  Look at the corners or vertices.  Are the opposite corners the same?

A square has four sides are equal AND four equal vertices or corners.  The sides are equal in length and the corners are all the same angle ~right.  This is how a mathematician would label a square.

In a parallelogram the opposites sides are equal.  The two long sides are equal and parallel.  The two short sides are equal and parallel.  This is how a mathematician would label a parallelogram. Look at the corners or vertices.  Are the opposite corners the same?

In a rectangle the the opposites sides are equal AND it has four equal vertices or corners.  The two long sides are the same length and parallel.  The two short sides are the same length and parallel.  All four vertices are the same angle ~ right. This is how a mathematician would label a rectangle.

Trapezoids always have one set of opposite, parallel lines.  But, they only sometimes have sides of the same length.  Parallel lines on trapezoids are marked with arrows. Look at the corners or vertices.  Are the opposite corners the same?

Practice using this information by name the shapes on the Naming and Labeling Quadrilaterals worksheet.  Name the shape AND by showing if the sides are equal in length or parallel.  Start looking at the corners. Are they all equal like they are in rectangles and squares?  Or are opposite corners equal like the sides of rectangles and parallelograms? Further your understanding by completing this worksheet naming the Attributes of Parallelograms.

Next, here are today’s problems to choose from.  See if there are two that feel like just right challenges.   You can solve them in your journal or on a piece of paper.  It would be most helpful to put the color and the date the problem was posted.  Thanks!

Sophie made three huge piles of books.  One had 1,567 short books, another had 2,934 picture books and the last had 3,085 chapter books.

How many books did Sophie have altogether?

She read 2,034 of the books in when she was in second and third grade.

How many books were left for fourth grade?

Van organized his Lego.

He had 245 blue bricks, 68 yellow bricks 22 white bricks and 100 red bricks.

How many bricks did Van organize altogether?

He used 142 of those bricks when he made a dinosaur.

How much did he have left?

Estella organized her craft supplies.

She had 127 beads, 68 stickers and 45 feathers.

How many supplies did Estella organize altogether?

She used 139 of those supplies to decorate gifts she was making for her family. 

How much did she have left?

Edward had a rock collection.  He had 10,473 rocks with crystals in them.  He had 3,856 that had granite in them.  How my rocks did he have altogether?

His friends gave him 5,247 rock made of agate.  How many rocks did he have then?

He used 6,024 of them to decorate the patio.

How many rocks did he have left in his collection when he was done?

Holden had a collection of 112,000 Legos before he began building his Star Wars Fleet.

He used 1,362 Legos in each of the 5 X-Wing Fighters he made.  He used 2,024 in each of 4 Tie Fighters he made.  And he used 12,457 to make the Millenium Falcon.

How many Lego did he use in all to make his entire Star Wars Fleet?

How many Lego bricks did he have left to use for other projects?

May organized her craft supplies.

She sorted and counted 327 beads, 126 stickers and 457 feathers.

How many supplies did May organize altogether?

She used 832 of those supplies to decorate gifts she was making for her family.  How much did she have left?

If you’ve worked through that, it’s definitely time for a game here at ABCya. Find a way to keep practicing your math facts in all four operations.

UA’s for today…

Art Click on new lessons and scroll down to find what Mrs. Nardone has for you to explore in Art today.  If you explore the art gallery you’ll see new artwork this week in Gallery 1 from Van, Anna, May, Edward and Sophie.  You’ll see new artwork from Van and Justin in Gallery 2 and you’ll find photographs from Anna and May in the Photograph Gallery.

Technology  You’ll find the lessons Mrs. Herlihy left here at this link open the lesson that is next for you.

I hope you’ve had a great Monday.  Thanks for staying connected and doing all you can.

🌎🌳🌻💕 Mrs. Eaves

43 thoughts on “Our Day – Monday, May 4

  1. I Appreciate that you tried again
    I noticed nothing stops him from climbing the wall
    He’s great at being unstoppable

    • Hi Katherine,
      Does it now? You need to get the log in information from the email I sent your mom this morning.
      Let me know
      Thank you,
      Mrs. Eaves

  2. Hi 3E,

    I hope you had a nice weekend and enjoyed the sun! Thank you for all of the artwork you have been sending. I get so excited to open emails to see what wonderful art NHS artists have created! Be sure to check out the online galleries. Have a great week! I am proud of all of you and I miss you.

    Mrs. Nardone 🙂

  3. I Appreciate that he did it again
    I noticed he got scared climbing the wall
    He’s great at being a bird

  4. I appreciate that Humpty climbed back up the wall.
    I noticed that Humpty tried again even though he was very nervous and scared.
    Your great at being brave even though it was scary to go back up the wall even after falling off it.

    • Hi Anna,
      You offered some very encouraging words.
      Thank you! (Love the egg!)
      👏🏽Mrs. Eaves

  5. You’re great at trying to climb the wall. You’re great at never giving up and facing your fear!!

    • Hi Vera,
      Are you talking about the video? You have to log in. That is in the upper right hand corner. Your mom has the user name and password.
      Let me know if you mean something else.
      Mrs. Eaves

  6. I appreciate how you never gave up! I think you are inspiring and very courageous. I would love to meet you and I am sure others would too!


    • Hi Sophie, Thank you for offering such kind and encouraging words.
      That would certainly make Humpty feel proud and willing to try other scary things too.
      👏🏽Mrs. Eaves

  7. I appreciate how you were courageous and got back on the wall. You are inspiring and very courageous and I would love too meet you and I am positive others would too!


  8. I read Lone Stars by Mike Lupica. It takes place in San Antonio. It is a football story. So far Clay and his team the Stars have only lost once. Clays best friend is David Guerrero.

    • Hi Edward,
      Thanks for sharing your reading. It sounds like Clay’s football team is good. What position does he play? Is David also on the team? The the game about winning or about teamwork or something totally different?
      📚Mrs. Eaves

  9. I lisond to The Kiss That Missed
    The king king kisses the prince good night but it missed. So the the night has to find the kiss. He gos in the woods to find the kiss and he gets picked up by a dragon ! Just when the night thinks he is going to be gobbled up he dragon gives him a kiss good night. And the night finds the kiss a brings is to the prince.

    • Hi May,
      Thanks for sharing the story you listened to. You wrote a clear summary. It seems like a fun book.
      📚Mrs. Eaves

  10. I read Super Turbo vs. the Pencil Pointers and what it’s about is Super Turbo, Wonder Pig, Great Gecko, and The Green Winger all have Pencil Pointers (pencil sharpeners) in there rooms. Turbo’s is above his cage and it’s spitting pencil shaves into his cage. Super Turbo , Wonder Pig, Great Gecko, The Green Winger, Professor Turtle, Boss Bunny, and Fantastic Fish try to battle the Pencil Pointers after they talk to Whiskerface, the evil rat, because he stole all the yummy food the pets wanted to eat.

    • Hi Anna,
      Thanks for sharing your reading. This sounds like a fun and silly book. Did the animals defeat the pencil pointers? Did they at least get Super Turbo’s cage moved.
      Did they get any treats?
      📚Mrs. Eaves

  11. Today I read Harry Potter. Harry chose to take Cedric’s advice and take a bath and bring the egg. Moaning Murtle was there and Harry thought she had seen him take his cloth’s off to get in the bath. He was nervous! The bath was the size of a pool and it even had diving boards on the sides! Murtle gave Harry some tips on the egg. He went under water and listened to the egg; it was singing a song. Harry memorised the song then came back up to breath. He got out of the bath and dried off then went back to bed. He was staring at the Muraders Map because Mr. Crouch was in Snapes office. He was supposed to be sick. Then he was so busy looking at the map he fell through the trick step and dropped the egg, cloke, and the map! He grabbed the cloak and through it over himself and the egg tumbled down the stairs and broke open and wailed. Peave’s came over and got blamed by Filch. Then Snape came over and Snape and Filch were talking about it then Moody came over and he can see through invisibility cloaks so he saw Harry. He got them away after he saw the map and then saw Harry mouth it’s mine and Moody said never mind it’s mine to Filch and Snape. Moody got Snape and Filch away. He asked Harry if he could barrow the map and Harry said yes and so he went off to bed.

    • Hi Sophie,
      There’s a lot going on in the story right now. There are lots of things to keep track of at this point in the story.
      Thanks for sharing such a complete summary of your reading.
      📚Mrs. Eaves

  12. I read the horse and his boy (Narnia #2) Aravis went to Tashbaan and revealed herself because she is actually royal. I also figured out that the Tisroc wants to be high king of Narnia and take the throne of Cair Paraval (Basically were the Kings and Queens live in Narnia)

    • Hi Landon,
      Thanks for sharing your reading. Do you think Tisroc will succeed? What do you think will keep that from happening?
      📚Mrs. Eaves

  13. I read Junie B. Jones Boo and i mean it. by Barbara Park.
    In the book Junie was talking to Philup about how skary Halloween is. and then she had the best idea that she was going to be squirty. and she got into the and went to the Halloween store!

    • Hi Elena,
      Thanks for sharing your reading. I’m guessing Squirty is a clown. Does she think clown are creepy or funny? What do you think?
      📚Mrs. Eaves

  14. I have no idea what’s going on with my book reading my brothers and I read it with him like once a week

    • Hi Katherine,
      This is confusing to me.I hope you are reading every day for 20 to 30 minutes. You started off doing that and were reading the Babysitter’s Club. I know you are often still reading those with Mrs. Rogers, but you haven’t written your daily response for many weeks. I also know you are reading Detective Camp for book club. Maybe you’ll get back on track this week.
      Mrs. Eaves

    • Hi Justin,
      What a thoughtful idea.
      Thank you. I’ll go and check it out.
      💗Mrs Eaves

  15. I am reading Land of Stories: Enchantress Returns.

    There these twins, Alex and Connor. Little Red Riding Hood is the Queen of Red Riding Hood Kingdom. The wall surrounding the kingdom to keep out the wolves disappeared. Alex and Connor’s grandmother is Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother.

    The Enchantress caught the soul of the Fairy Godmother and 5 other people that the Enchantress loved. Her name is Esmena. Esmena was the one who cursed Sleeping Beauty, but the Fairy Godmother made it not as bad so that she would sleep rather than die. The way that the Sleeping Kingdom wakes up is by Connor’s rubber band trick. This time her power was too powerful and the thorn bush is covering the Sleeping Kingdom who’s name is now the Eastern Kingdom.

    Alex and Connor went to get the Snow Queen’s staff. They thought that Goldilocks wasn’t scared of anything. She wasn’t scared of the most dangerous wolf in the world but she was scared of a little polar bear. The Snow Queen is blind! Little Red Riding Hood married the frog who is the long lost fourth Charming brother. Little Red Riding Hood was up all night playing with a little wolf. Then Goldilocks told her it was a wolf. Little Red Riding Hood freaked out and said it’s probably planning to hurt me in my sleep. Then Goldilocks said it’s not the only one. After that, Goldilocks threw a dagger right next to Little Red. Everyone saw and her arm was still extended when she said it slipped.

    • Hi Justin,
      I have enjoyed listening to this series. I’ve only read one to them as a book. It is pretty amazing how the characters are connected and how The Land of Stories is alive. I love that idea. I wonder if joining a story and being part of a book would be cool or scary! What do you think?
      Thanks for so carefully and completely sharing your reading today!
      📚Mrs. Eaves

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