Quick Write Friday

I thinking about NOTEBOOKS – Reader Response Notebooks, Writers’ Notebooks, Science Notebooks, notebooks to capture thinking in…  If we keep them, over time can we see our learning?  If we take time to capture our thinking, will we learn more from it?  If we don’t write it down or draw it out, how will we know what we know?  What do you think about notebooks?

This week’s quick write suggestions combine science and imagination.  I wonder what you’ll choose and what you’ll write. Read through the prompts, think about them for a bit and when you’re ready, find ten quiet minutes to begin…  It’s okay if you finish one idea and  begin another.  Just try to keep writing for the whole ten minutes.  It’s also okay if you don’t finish when the time is up… you decide:  stop, or keep writing.   Post your Quick Write as a comment, or on your own blog. Have fun writing!

If trees could talk, what sorts of things would they have to say?  What might they say to people?  What might they say to each other?

What would you do if you suddenly found yourself able to communicate with animals?

Go outside and watch the clouds.  Thank write about the shapes and they things you saw.  What do you think is going on up there?

You and your friend time travel to a place in the distant future…what is your mission there?  Write a story describing what happens.  (Maybe you’ll meet Roz.)

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