Friday Fun – Happy Independence Day!

We are off to one of our favorite summer places – Mooselookmeguntic Lake in Oquasic, Maine.  We camp on Students Island.  We’ve been going most summers for 28 years.  Here are some of the pictures from our early years about twenty years ago.


















Here are some of the pictures from last year

20132013 sunset










What are your favorite places of summer?  Maybe you always go camping at the same place like we do or spend the 4th of July together at a parade or the fireworks.  Maybe you swim at the same special lake or beach or celebrate your birthday in a special way.  Tell your story.   Write it down, or share your story in a comment for all to read.  Summer is a time for memories – hope you’ve got some terrific ones!  Enjoy them all!

It’s Wednesday – here are some problems to solve

numbersImagine that you work on a ranch that has 24 horses.  The owner of the ranch tells you that you must put all of the horses in corrals.  You can fence off the corrals many different ways.  The owner says you must put the same number of horses in each corral.  What is one way you might do this?  How many different to do this can you find?

You have been given 3 dozen freshly baked doughnuts.  What are all the different ways you could share them evenly with your friends?  You might want to use pennies to help you figure out this problem.  You can arrange the pennies into groups, with the same number in each group.

There are 18 musicians in Mr. Singer’s jazz band.  He would like your help in figuring out how many different ways he can arrange them on the stage.  He would like them to be in even rows.  How many different ways could Mr. Singer have the jazz band set up on the stage?