Joining a Growth Mindset Project

We are excited to join a Growth Mind Set Read Aloud Project developed by a teacher at the Louis Riel School Division in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Annick Rauch is the teacher of a 1/2 classroom in a French Immersion school.  We are looking forward to connecting with students in other places around the globe.  During the first week we read The Word Collector by Peter H Reynolds.  The class decided to answer the questions from the project by creating individual blog posts sharing their answers.

The questions are:

What thing do you like to collect?

What word could Jerome find to go into a “Growth Mindset” scrapbook?

What are good ways to use your words?

Jerome is Word Smart and he shares it with the world.  What are some of your smarts?  What talents do you share in your classroom?

How will you make the world better?

Go to each of their individual blogs to read how these questions were answered from week 1 on the four week challenge.

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