National Holiday Resources

Here are some resources that might help you to discover more about the national holiday you are researching.

Your goal is to teach others about this holiday:

  • When was it first celebrated?
  • Why is it important?  What does it commemorate?
  • When did it become a national holiday?
  • What was happening in the country and the world when it was established as a national holiday?
  • What are some of this holiday’s symbols and traditions?

You’ll be creating a display board sharing your information.  You’ll also be planning an activity or game for your families and classmates to do at an evening Holiday Palooza!

Click on the links to find some information about your holiday.

Ducksters has some information about each national holiday.  They are listed alphabetically.

Use the side bar on this site to find videos by season and articles in the HOLIDAY READING.  The holidays are arranged in the order they are celebrated in.

There’s information about each National Holiday on the Kiddle search engine, but you’ll have to patient and scroll to the bottom of each page and click on the next number until you find your holiday information.  Other country’s national holidays are in this list too so make sure you are reading about the U.S.A.



There’s a bit of information about each national holiday here.

KidRex is another kid safe search engine.  If you type your holiday in the SEARCH bar, many articles, pictures and some videos will some.  Some of them will be helpful, some of them will be confusing and some of them will be challenging.  Use what you can.

Have fun researching and planning.  How will we celebrate your holiday at 3E’s National Holiday Palooza?