Wednesday Math Problems – do you have any to solve?

numbersHere are some different ways to think about numbers and amounts.  Try these and make sone of your own.  If you post them in a comment then we’ll all have lots more fun with math.

How many different 3-digit numbers can you make using the digits 1, 6, and 9?  Order the numbers.  What is the difference between the smallest and largest number?

I added the three-digit numbers and got a correct answer of 748.  What might the two numbers be?

Choose one of these numbers: 2, 3, 5, or 6.  Double the number you choose and then double the sum.  Keep doubling until you get a sum that is greater than 1,000.  How close to 1,000 is the number you reached?


Have fun with math – problems to solve are everywhere.