It’s Monday – what are you reading?

Hunter Moran Saves the UniverseHunter Moran Saves the Universe by Patricia Riley Giff ended up being pretty funny.  Hunter is a twin.  He and Zack are the middle kids with two older and two younger sisters and brothers.  They pretty much do everything together and while they don’t mean it, pretty much everything goes wrong.  There are a lot of mishaps along the way to a happy ending.

When I read White Fur Flying by Patricia MacLachlan I immediately thought of Caroline.  It’s a perfect story for a dog lover.  At the opening of the book Zoe and her family watch a family moving into the house next door. Zoe’s dad is a vet and her mom rescues Great Pyrenees and finds new home for them.  Animals are a big part of their life.  They always have a least one that is coming and one that is going.  The new family next door doesn’t seem to be an animal kind of family.   There is an aunt and uncle and Philip – who has chosen not to talk.  The families are very different – but the dogs don’t care and of course make all the difference in the world.  White Fur Flying feels good to read.

White Fur Flying

Because of Shoe and Other Dog StoriesAnd because I was on a dog roll, I read Because of Shoe, a collection of short stories by different authors all about dogs.  My favorite is about a science fair project where a boy becomes a dog.  Read it and let us know what your favorite story is.





If you want to read something longer try In Search of Goliathus Hercules reviewed here or Vengekeep Prophecies.  It’s one of this year’s Great Stone Face books and I’ll be reviewing it on Kids’ Books 101 next.  Hope you’re finding some great things to read – let us know what they are.  Happy Reading!

In Search of Goliathus HerculesThe Vengekeep Prophecies