Friday Fun – hope your day is great

It’s starting out a little rainy, but maybe that’s not so bad.  It might mean I get a couple more books read to share with you on Monday.

rounding first This week I got to see Joe play in two different baseball games.  It was fun to watch him play because he was having so much fun.  Tonight he is playing in the final game for the championship.  Let’s send him great winning vibes!

One of things I have been working to learn more about this summer are ways to reach out to other classes in our country and across the world so we can learn together.  I have been using our blog, twitter and other digital tools more and more.   And because I love books and reading (you may have noticed) most of the teachers I have been learning about and with do to.  That is how I found Jarrett Krosoczka’s, The JJK Blog and on it there is a link to a lunch lady video game where you get to use the fish stick nunchucks and catch the bad guys up in your hair net, among other things.  I gave it a try – but was defeated in about 5 seconds.  I know that won’t happen to you.


If you have a chance to check it out, let me know.  In the meantime have fun playing, building, creating, imagining and enjoying SUMMER!