It’s Friday – hope you’re feeling great and having fun

goldfinch in the sun What have you been doing?  Isn’t it exciting to see the sun!

I’ve been for walks in Northwood Meadows.  I saw these and thought of our walks with Mr. Caron down the nature trail.oak galls




I’ve been working in our garden.  Right now all we have are greens – but they are yummy.  Soon there will be other vegetables too.cabbages in July

I visited the Fantasy: Imagine exhibit at the League of N.H. Craftsman gallery in Concord.  It is a small display with many different types of art.  The first piece you see is a carved toy of flying elephants.  It was created by Art Anderson.  There are masks and paintings and sculptures and even furniture.  One artist paints on silk and another made shimmering faces in clay.  One of my favorites were the figures carved by Laury Nichols.  I love their happy expressions and how some of the figures have acorn caps for hats.

art anderson piece

healthy hikerWhat are you creating?  How are you having fun?