Our Day ~ Monday, May 11

Good Morning!  Congratulations!  This weekend I got the Edublogs newsletter. Guess what?  Your work on 3E News was featured as an example of one of the Best Websites in a Time of Remote Learning.  There were five classrooms from Canada, one from China, one from Australia and three from the United States.  Edublogs, from Australia, they noticed your work!  Woo-hoo to you!🎉🥳🎉

Morning Work – Pick up your gratitude rock and think of something new to add to your Gratitude Jar.  I hope you smile and give yourself an encouraging, “I’ve got this!”🙌🏼🌟💕

Take some time to read each others blogs and leave a comment or two.  Thanks for staying connected!  It feels as if our friends are right beside us.

Morning Meeting–  This week we’re reading books by one of my favorite authors, Leo Lionni.  I think if his books modern are fables.  He calls some of them fables in the subtitles.  At the end of story, please leave a comment telling what you think a fitting moral is.  Enjoy It’s Mine!

Take a break, get a snack and move around.  If you’d like, here are two Go Noodle videos: move to Stay on the Sunny Side  and relax and reflect with Try Your Best.

Science and Reading

Shared Reading –  This week we’ll explore how understanding force and motion is used by engineers to design and build bridges.

Today we’ll share two books about bridges: an informational introduction, Bridges and an old favorite, The Billy Goats Gruff.  Did you notice which kind of bridge the troll lived under?

There are three types of bridges:





Civil and Structural Engineers design, build and maintain bridges.  To do this, they have to understand many things about forces. They know about compression (a push) and tension (a pull).  Do this with your hands so you can feel these forces too.




Here’s today’s Beam Bridge Challenge:

Supplies:  1 piece of copy paper, a ruler, 2 equal stacks of books and some weights like pennies, legos, washers, etc.


  1. Set up supports 8 inches apart.
  2. Place paper between the supports
  3. Add weights slowly one at a time
  4. Count the weights as you add them
  5. When the bridge collapses, record the number of weights the bridge held right before the collapse
  6. Complete the Beam Bridge Challenge recording sheet. This is also in our Google Classroom if that is easier for you to use.
  7. Complete at least 2 trials.

Note:  Do not fasten the paper to the supports.  All weights must be held by the part of the span that is between the supports.

Change the paper is some way, follow the procedure in a second trial and see what happens.  Here are some suggestions of how you might change your paper.

You are welcome to try as many trials as you’d like.  Your goal is the create a beam bridge that will hold the most weight. Please make a complete record of each trial.  Share your work through email, Google Classroom or on your blog.

Take a break, go outside, run around, sing,  play a game, make some art.

Independent ReadingKeep reading each and every day! Find a nice quiet place to read and enjoy at least 30 minutes with a great book.  If you’re wishing for some new book/reading options you can find some fabulous picture book recordings at Storyline Online and recorded books here at Audible. The Elementary selections look great.  Enjoy!

At the end of reading, choose two or three things from the Book Talk Questions grid when you leave a comment about what you read today on the blog.

Go outside, have some lunch, play a game, practice your recorder.  Relax.

Writer’s Workshop  – Finish your mystery writing project.  The assignments are found in our Google Classroom.  Use all that you know about mysteries from our genre study to write your own original mystery.  Follow the assignments to create your lead, develop the beginning, follow your map to follow the clues through the middle and then wrap your mystery up by solving the case and connecting back to your lead. When you feel your mystery is done, let me know.  Maybe we can make a mystery magazine.

Many of you are in the middle of great writing projects.  Finish those if you can, and if you’re still interested.  (It’s okay if you’r not.). Here are new writing ideas if you need them. Here are today’s Quick Writes:

  • Write an essay explaining what makes your best friend the best best friend.
  • If you could be a race car driver, an astronaut, or president of a country, which would you choose and why.
  • Describe a food that is unique to your family or area of the world to someone who has never tasted it.
  • Think of a specific day or event that you will always remember. What made it so special?
  • Imagine you could travel back in time to live through one event from history. Describe the event and write about your experience.
  • Other ~ what’s a story or topic or opinion you’d like to share? Write about that.

Read the prompts, think for a minute or so, choose a topic and write for a full 10 minutes without stopping.  At the end of 10 minutes you choose – are you done, do you have a different idea, do you want to keep going.  It would be fun to see some of your writing on your blog this week.

Math – This week we are going to be working with POLYGONS.  These are any 2-dimensional (flat) closed shapes from triangles and quadrilaterals to decagons (10 sides) and beyond.

Here are today’s warm-up worksheets: Sorting Shapes and Attributes of Quadrilateral.

We’re going to be doing some more work with tangrams.  Remember when we used them in the fall?  Today you’ll be making your own sets of Tangrams by folding and cutting a regular piece of copy paper.

First you need to make a square by folding the top left corner down matching side to side on a diagonal.  Crease it well and cut off the bottom rectangle and discard it.





Once you have a square you can follow the directions on Tangram Directions 1 and Tangram Directions 2.  Here are pictures of each step.















When you finished please label both sides with the letters in the instructions and keep them in a safe place.  We’ll be using them all week.

Next, here are today’s problems to choose from.  See if there are two that feel like just right challenges.   You can solve them in your journal or on a piece of paper.  It would be most helpful to put the color and the date the problem was posted.  Thanks!

There were three bowls of Cheez-its.  Each bowl had 147 crackers in it.

How many crackers were there altogether?

If Justin, Max and Elena eachate 56 of the Cheez-its, how many would be left?

Five friends picked spring flowers.

They each picked 215.

How many spring flowers did they pick altogether?

They used 820 of the flowers craft projects.  How many of the flowers were left?

Sophie, Piper and Katherine each collected 126 blue violets for a project.

How many violets did they collect altogether?

Paul, Landon, Holden and Vera each collected 86 red tulips.

How many tulips did they collect altogether?

Were there more blue violets or red tulips?  ___________

How many more were there?

Van had a collection of 150 Legos before he began building.

He used 45 bricks to make the first robot.

He used 25 bricks to make the second robot.

And he used 37 bricks to make the last robot.

How many Lego bricks did he use in all to make the three robots?

How many Lego bricks did he have left to use for other projects?

Holden had 12,080 Legos. Holden worked to build a model of a pug.  He used 8,774 of the Legos in the model. 

How many Legos did Holden have left for other projects?

Vera has 185 crayons. Brady has 173 crayons.

How many more crayons does Vera have than Brady?

Landon has 129 more crayons than Brady has.  How many crayons does Landon have?

If Vera, Brady and Landon put their crayons altogether, how many crayons will that be?

Edward has 114 baseball cards.  He kept ten for himself and shared the rest evenly among eight of his friends. How many baseball cards did each friend get?

If you’ve worked through that, it’s definitely time for a game here at ABCya. Find a way to keep practicing your math facts in all four operations.

UA’s for today…

Art Click on new lessons and scroll down to find what Mrs. Nardone has for you to explore in Art today.  If you explore the art gallery you’ll see new artwork this week in Gallery 3 from Piper and Anna.  I know Mrs. Nardone keeps hoping to hear from all of you.  When you have a chance send are a picture of all the great art you are creating!

Technology – You’ll find the lessons Mrs. Herlihy left here at this link open the lesson that is next for you.

I hope you’ve had a great Monday.  Thanks for staying connected and doing all you can.

🌎🌳🌻💕 Mrs. Eaves

46 thoughts on “Our Day ~ Monday, May 11

    • Hi Brady,
      They didn’t share them in order like that, but we were one of three elementary sites. The others were middle and high school. It was pretty cool to be noticed from Australia.
      Keep on being awesome!
      🙌🏼 Mrs. Eaves

  1. I learned that you should take turns and share with others. In the end you will find you are happier!

    • Hi Brady,
      I agree with you. Sharing always makes people happy ~ both people feel better.
      🐸 Mrs. Eaves

    • Hi Vera,
      How would you write the moral? What do you think it would say about sharing?
      🐸 Mrs. Eaves

  2. I think the moral is to share because at one point you will need to and you will be happier!

    • Hi Sophie,
      I agree. Sharing always makes everyone happier
      It’s such a good thing to do!
      🐸 Mrs. Eaves

    • Hi Landon,
      It certainly seems like sharing is a way of being happy. And I think happiness is important!
      🐸 Mrs. Eaves

  3. I think the moral is that it is better to share then call IT’S MINE!🐸🐸🐸💗

    • Hi Estella,
      It is always happier to share ~ at least I think so.
      I’m so glad you are feeling better!
      🐸 💕Mrs. Eaves

  4. It looks like a beam bridge that the troll lived under. The troll needs to brush his teeth!

    • Hi Brady,
      Thanks for noticing. And yes, sadly that troll doesn’t have very good hygiene!
      🐐Mrs. Eaves

  5. I read Danny Champion of the World by Roald Dahl. It is a story about a kid named Danny. His grandfather was the best poacher in the world. Danny’s dad loved poaching too. He hates a mean guy named Mr. Hazell. So does everybody else in town. Danny figures out a way to poach 200 pheasants. He and his dad end up catching 120 only because of greedy birds. He ruins Mr. Hazell’s big day and everyone including the policeman is happy.

    • Yikes! This is a Roald Dahl book that I haven’t read. I’m not sure I would like it. I don’t like when people are mean on purpose, but I guess Roald Dahl was just trying to be funny. He has poaching in Fantastic Mr. Fox too.
      Thanks for sharing your reading!
      📚Mrs. Eaves

  6. HI MRS. EVES!✋🏼

    I read Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone By J. K. Rowling. The story is about Harry Potter getting all his stuff that he needs for Hogwarts and it makes the books so diffrnt. The book has so much fun! 💖🧡💛💚💙💜

    • Hi Estella 👋🏻,
      I’m glad you are enjoying this book. It is a great one. After living at the dull Dursley’s house getting all the things Harry needs to Hogwarts is certainly a huge adventure.

    • Hi Max,
      I like how you put that. Sharing is also happier.
      I think it feels good to share.
      🐸 Mrs. Eaves

  7. I read about Harry the Dirty Dog. Harry did not like taking baths so he ran away from home when his owner was going to give him a bath. He got so dirty when he was out on his adventure that he turned from a white dog with black spots to a black dog with white spots. He got hungry and went home and his family did not recognize him. He ran up the stairs and jumped into the bath and once they washed him they realized it was Harry!

    • Hi Brady,
      Thanks for sharing your reading. I like the Harry books. I haven’t read them in awhile. Thank for reminding me of these great books. Do you think Zoie would ever do anything like that?
      📚Mrs. Eaves

      • The moral would be written

        Don’t fight over something. It’s better to share and not argue over something because happiness takes less effort than being angry.

        • Justin, this is a perfectly written moral. Your way of sharing how sharing is easier than arguing is a great thing for all of use to remember.
          🐸Mrs. Eaves

  8. I read Junie B. Jones is a party animal. By Barbara Park.
    In the book Junie was on the bus and she saw lucille and her rich nanna.
    And when they saw her in the parking lot they rushed over to them.
    When they got there They hoped on into the back seats.
    Lucille was mad at them she said “Get out”.
    When it was time to go to the play ground Lucille said sorry because she wanted a poodle.And Junie said lets come over to our house to help Lucille get a poodle.

    • Hi Elena,
      I’m glad to see you on the blog sharing your reading. Is this your 5th or 6th Junie B. Jones book? I wonder if Junie’s help will actually help Lucille.
      How are you doing with your other work. I haven’t seen any of your math work since March and don’t have any evidence that you’ve done any of the writing, SEL, or science assignments posted on the blog. The last project I’ve seen is your awesome travel journal from Mexico. I’m just wondering and hope you’re doing fine. I thought I had to ask. I miss seeing your thoughts and ideas.
      📚💕Mrs. Eaves

  9. I am still continuing to read The One and Only Bob by Katherine Applegate. I just met a wolf named Kumo, Bob is a little bit scared of him. In the readers perspective you just saw Ivan.

    • Has Bob run away from his family? Is the wolf in the wild or is it part of the Mall attraction?
      I really have to get this book!
      Thanks for sharing your reading.
      📚Mrs. Eaves

  10. Today I read Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire! Harry, Ron, and Hermione went to see Sirius in a cave. They were talking about Barty Crouches son and how he went to askaban. They think he is a death eater. He was no more than 19 and by night fall he was calling for his mama then like everybody else he went quiet exept when they scream in there sleep! They went back to Hogwarts and like Sirius said to write to Percy saying when was the last time you saw Mr. Crouch! They were taking Headwig.

    • Thanks for sharing your reading.
      Very curious…I wonder what Percy will share.
      📚Mrs. Eaves

  11. I read Super Turbo vs. the Flying Ninja Squirrels, and the setting is in Sunnyview elementary school. I think the author gave the book its name because the superpets are fighting the Ninja squirrels.

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