Our Week – February 21

We’ve had a full week. Thanks for your support of Spirit Week. That’s been a fun way to lead into vacation.  We’ve continued to learn about fractions.  We’ve compared them and looked for equivalent fractions as well. We’ve begun to learn upper case cursive letters.  The children are excited to write their names.   It is fun to see cursive appearing here and there as they write.

This week in as part of our Social Emotional Learning we discussed the difference between tattling or telling, which we call advocating.  We’ve talked about the size of the problem and how to behave responsibly around each other.  Being respectful of each other is something that is always a top priority.

We’ve learned about the three main cloud types and are beginning to notice and name them as part of our morning routine.  We hope to become more aware of the changing weather around us.

The children are well into their Global Geography research.  Many of them have begun to create the pages of their travel journals. This week I asked them to share an interesting fun fact and illustration about their country to include in the note home.

Here they are:

Justin – Panama’s canal is the only way for people to go from the Caribbean to Alaska without going around South America.

Max – The Nile is the biggest river in Egypt.

Sophie – In Thailand they have a day where they get wet.  They use anything that can with water to wash away the mistakes from the past year!

Elena – In Mexico cacti can reach 6 feet tall.

Piper – Japan gave Washington D.C. some cherry blossom trees.  Japan has a Cherry Blossom Tree Festival!

Katherine – Some people think pink dolphins don’t exist, but they are in Brazil.

Paul – The Eiffel Tower is in France.

Landon – Greece is known for its olive tree Olympic crowns.

Holden – Australia has a lot of wild fires.

Edward – Did you know that people live in Siberia, Russia in the winter even though the temperature is sometimes – 50° Fahrenheit!

Brady – The make rain sticks in Chile.

May – The kiwi bird and fruit are found in New Zealand.

Estella – China has the biggest skyscraper!

Javey – The Emperor lived in the Forbidden City.

Landin – The potato is the most common food in Peru.

Anna- Iceland has lots of hot springs and geysers.

Van – France is known for the Eiffel Tower.

Have a wonderful break.  See you in March!

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