Quick Writes – today’s topic trips and vacations

I’m creating this post while sitting at Midway Airport in Chicago. I’m waiting for my flight to Denver where I’ll be camping in the mountains near the Colorado Trail.  Mr. Eaves is hiking the whole 500 mile trail this summer – he’s been walking for 3 weeks already, with 3 weeks more left to go.  This has me thinking about you and your summer trips.

Read through the prompts, think about them for a bit and when you’re ready, find ten quiet minutes to begin…  It’s okay if you finish one idea, begin another, just try to keep writing for the whole ten minutes.  It’s okay if you don’t finish when the time is up… you decide:  stop, or keep writing.   Post your Quick Write as a comment, or on your own blog. Have fun writing!

If you could go on a summer vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go?  What would you hope to see and do there?

Summertime is great for being outdoors.  Go for a walk.  Write about where you walked and what you saw while walking.   It will be interesting to compare walks in different places.

What important things have you done this summer right at home?  Sometimes everyday things are actually pretty magical.  What things are you thankful for each day?

What’s your favorite thing to do when you play outdoors in the summer?

What’s your favorite thing to do when you play inside in the summertime?

Or, write about whatever you choose. Write about what makes you happy.  Enjoy!  It would be fun if you shared your writing in a comment, or on your own blog.  Happy Writing!

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