It’s Monday – here are some books you might like to read

Last week after I read through many books of poetry, I started reading articles about the books that had won special awards last year.  One of the award winners was a book of poetry I hadn’t read yet, called Out of Wonder.  I went to a favorite book store in Concord the next day to find a copy.  It is gorgeous.  There is a poem for everyone. The one I most want to share with you is Majestic by Kwame Alexander, written as a tribute to Maya Angelou.  She is one of my all time favorite authors.  The last stanza is an important message especially to you:  “Shine on, honey!  Know you are phenomenal.”

Many of you looked through books one and two of The Next Best Junior Chef series by Charise Mericle Harper.  The last book in the trilogy was published a few weeks ago.  You’ll be able to discover who reaches the end of the contest when you read The Winner Is…  It’s a pretty exciting and intense competition with lots of surprising twists and turns.  The food lovers and chefs from our class are sure to be inspired by the choices these junior chefs make and the challenges they overcome.  I’d sure love to try their food creations (and I’d like to know how to cook like that too!). How would you design your own food truck if you won?

And finally I think you’ll like the picture book, Drawn Together.  It’ll be a great one to share with your whole family.  A boy, about your age, is dropped off at his Grandfather’s house.  He’s going to spend the day.  The problem is, they don’t speak the same language.  They try to find things to do together, but nothing seems to work – not talking, not lunch, not TV.  Finally the boy takes out his markers and sketch pad.  He begins to draw and that’s how their adventure together begins.  His grandfather draws too.  All day they create an action packed story full of daring do.  Without speaking many words they have found a way to come together.  I can only imagine what their next day together will be like.  I bet you can too!

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