Float Examples From Past State Parades

Over the next few weeks the children will be identifying the Wonders of their state.  They’ll be choosing a state symbol to learn more about.  They’ll be identifying a famous person from their state, as well as choosing a man-made wonder, a natural wonder and a state festival, tradition or celebration.  Children may choose other Wonders if they would like to represent them on their floats.

These Wonder will be represented on their floats.  We’ll be painting the symbols, creating State Hero and creating a collage of the man-made Wonder in the classroom.  The other two wonders will be added as you create the floats at home.

The floats may be a sandwich board







On on a wagon, rolling suitcase, cooler, skateboard or an original base.

Suggestions of how to build each type of float along with the following criteria will be sent home on Monday, April 16.

Size Criteria:

  • Sandwich Board/Float should be no more than 36 inches long.
  • Sandwich Board/Float should be no more than 48 inches high.
  • Sandwich Board/Float should be no more than 30 inches wide.

Design Criteria:

  • The float obviously represents your state and shows its uniqueness.
  • Clearly represents your, the student’s, own ideas, work and effort
  • Shows common easily found materials were used to create the float.
  • Clearly demonstrate your, the student’s, best effort and creativity.

Content Criteria:

Represent and label your Wonders on the sandwich board or float clearly and accurately.

It is a fun project and such an exciting celebration of our country and a year of learning!  We can’t wait to see you on Thursday, May 24!