Thank You!

Thanks to your kind generosity our Animal Awesomeness event was able to raise $700.09.  We will send this money to the World Wildlife Fund to support threatened and endangered animals.

Here are the Animal Awesomeness Raffle Winners:

  • Fox Journal – Joe from KC
  • Hippo Journal – Carson from 5 Mc
  • Tiger Journal – Nolan from 5 Mc
  • Turtle Journal – Vera from 1N
  • Cheetah Head Journal -Estella from 1G
  • Red Panda Journal – Elena 1G
  • Lion Journal – Alex from 3 E
  • Sloth Journal – Eily from 3M
  • Lion Profile Journal – Ian, Mrs. Coronato’s son
  • Shark Journal – Joe from KC
  • Giraffe Journal – Corbin from 3E
  • Lion Head Journal – the Martinos from 5Mc and 5M
  • Books by Gina Perry – Joey from PreK
  • Books by Nicola Davies – Lexi from 3M
  • Panorama and Outside Your Window books Terra from December’s family

We are beyond thrilled and wondering what our next Good Deed might be.