Celebrating Dot Day

We had a wonderful day celebrating International Dot Day.  This is a day focusing on creativity, building confidence and sharing this important message with the world.  Here’s how we made our mark.

We began the day by each making a quarter of a dot.  Altogether we made four unique dots.  Next we worked from a menu of activities.  We drew personal dots, dotted dots, made magnet and button dots, painted a giant dot and created swirly gold frames for our own special dots.




















We created pendant dots and window dots that had to be left behind for the weekend.  They’re waiting for their creators along with our completed Dot Gallery.  I can’t wait until 3E comes to school on Monday to see how wonderful their “marks” look altogether.




I hope you’ll be able to stop in too.

Miles’ mom created a dot for the Celebri-dots Gallery.  Isn’t that COOL!