It’s Wednesday – here are some problems to solve

Mackenzie walked through the gardens at Prescott Park.  There were five different gardens.  Each garden had 14 daisies, 22 lilies, 17 begonias and 36 marigolds.

  • How many daisies were there altogether? 
  • How many lilies were there altogether?
  • How many begonias were there altogether?
  • How many marigolds were there altogether?
  • How many flowers were there altogether in the five gardens Mackenzie walked through?

Liam was building a Lego city.  He began building places he’d like to go on the first day.  Using 3,584 bricks, he built the skate park.  Using another 2,067 Lego bricks, he built an arcade.  And using 1,803 Lego bricks he built 3 different houses.

  • How many Lego bricks did he use in each house? They were all the same?
  • How many Lego bricks had Liam used altogether so far?

When Liam was finished with his entire Lego city, he had used 14,528 Lego bricks.

  • How many Lego bricks did Liam use to finish his city?  
  • What buildings do you think he built the second day? 

2 thoughts on “It’s Wednesday – here are some problems to solve

  1. Mackenzie saw 70 daisies. 5 gardens × 14 daisies= 70 daisies..
    She saw 110 lillies. 5 ×22=110.
    She saw 85 begonias and 180 marigolds. 5 ×17= 85
    5 ×36=180.
    She saw
    =445 flowers in all.

    • Hi Max,
      I’m so glad to find you “here”. I’ve been missing our class and you! You did some great problem solving work here. I wondered if anyone would stick with a problem that had that many parts. Yes! Thank you. I hope you are having a terrific summer so far. Mrs. Eaves

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